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Ridiculously bloody Gungrave G.O.R.E. has called in Ikumi Nakamura

No shortage of gore or Grave

A bloody new Gungrave game is on the way, including a launch on PC, and that's not all that developers Studio Iggymob are adding to the series with Gungrave G.O.R.E. Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Gungrave's antihero Grave and the Trigun manga, is joined by former Ghostwire: Tokyo game director Ikumi Nakamura. Along with a new cinematic and gameplay trailer, Studio Iggymob are touting Nakamura's involvement in the game, saying that she's been heavily involved in bringing "her own unique style" to the next Gungrave game.

The Gungrave series has largely stuck to PlayStation consoles, aside from Studio Iggymob's prior Gungrave VR, but they're now bringing Gungrave's mainline bloody action to PC. Prime Matter call Gungrave Gore "the ultimate resurrection of the Gungrave franchise for veteran gunslingers and Gungrave fans, but also a gloriously gory standalone story experience."

Gorey it is indeed, as you can see plenty of down here in its new trailer.

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Ikumi Nakamura, who you may remember from her meme-ified E3 performance from 2019, left her position at Tango Gameworks not long after that well-received Ghostwire: Tokyo announcement. Earlier this year she announced her plans to open her own studio, though it looks like she's been assisting on Gungrave in the meantime.

In her interview from March, Nakamura said that although she has an interest in the occult and horror she also wanted to create less serious games with lots of dark jokes. She's also a fan of the original Gungrave games, she's said. Between that and her past work on games such as Bayonetta, it's not hard to see where she fits into the bloody and outlandish action of Gungrave.

"Each boss Grave encounters has a higher, more powerful form of themselves, the 'Superior Boss'," Iggymob say. "Here you can see one of Ikumi Nakamura’s characters in full action–her interpretation and realization of our 'Yensen Superior'." That'll be the humanoid boss at the 1:34 mark in the trailer up there.

Nakamura talks a bit more about her character design process on the PlayStation blog, mentioning that she's also worked on a special design for Grave.

Gungrave G.O.R.E launches sometime in 2022 for PC, PlayStations, and Xbox boxes.

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