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Deathloop's first "major" update fixes stuttering, adds DLSS support

More looping, less l-l-looping

Exactly one month after launch, Deathloop received its "first major game update" last night. Along with (hopefully?) fixing lingering issues with stuttering framerates, it has added DLSS support to give Nvidia folks a big FPS boost, fixed some crashes and other bugs, including a nasty one where a bad menu option would reset Colt's progress, and generally improved things. And this is the point where I think I'll finally play the game.

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A wee hotfix patch in September tried to tackle stuttering, but apparently a secondary issue persisted. Now, I think it's gone? I see a lot of happy players on forums.

As for DLSS, that's Nvidia's fancy tech which can run the game in a lower resolution for big performance boosts then use 'deep learning' to upscale it with surprisingly little loss in image quality. You need a GeForce RTX 20XX cards or newer, mind. As someone whose GeForce is just too old, I am well jel when others are casually offered the option of a huge FPS boost from a mere patch. Deathloop already supported AMD's counterpart, FidelityFX, so now everyone's happy. Except me.

It was a shame to see the PC version of Deathloop suffer irritating technical troubles at launch because I've heard the game's a good'un. Our Deathloop review called it "A time-looping shooter with funny dialogue and a very powerful boot, where stealth is just the thing that goes wrong before a good fight." Brendy has also pleaded for you to try the multiplayer, while Nic Reuben has celebrated being petty and vindictive in Colt's murders.

The patch is 11GB on PC so ooft, get your Steam puffing away. and Bethesda's blog post also has details on a PlayStation patch, while your PC patch notes are right here:

  • Fixed issues that were causing dropped frames and hitches in camera movement
  • Added support for Nvidia DLSS
  • Added support for Sony DualSense controller audio
  • Added an indicator of poor connection quality in the upper right of the screen (resembles a speedometer with an exclamation point)
  • Improved performance and stability, especially with ray tracing
  • Improved NPC pathing and reactions to the player
  • Improved audio mix quality
  • Fixed laser mines, turrets and fireworks for both Colt and Julianna players
  • Fixed issue with mouse wheel. Using the mouse wheel to switch between weapons will now work properly and will not cause weapons to be dropped.
  • Fixed unlock issue with "Oops" and "Deathday Suit" achievements
  • Fixed issue that could cause Colt's progression to be reset even if player chose 'no' on confirmation
  • Fixed crash issue when a player unlocks a feat using Havoc while playing as Julianna
  • Fixed Aleksis Dorsey reactions, making him easier to identify among his party guests
  • Fixed issue that was causing assassinations to glitch sometimes while playing as Julianna
  • Julianna's actions will no longer directly unlock achievements for Colt
  • Julianna players will no longer hear radio conversations meant for only Colt
  • Fixed issue with leaning inconsistency (inputs will no longer be ignored sporadically)

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