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Deathloop strikes again on Game Pass and the Microsoft Store next week

Didn’t it already come to PC?

Arkane’s time-rebooting shooter Deathloop is coming to Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming and the Microsoft Store on September 20th. The addition to the Green Team’s subscription service was announced during this morning’s ID@Xbox livestream at Tokyo Game Show. All the game’s updates from the past year will be present, plus a new update called Goldenloop. That adds a new weapon, ability, enemy types and an extended ending. Oh, and there’s crossplay across all platforms and stores too. Watch the new trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoDEATHLOOP – Official Xbox Launch Trailer | Play It Now with Game Pass
Deathloop arrives on PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store on September 20th.

We don’t know anything about what the extended ending entails yet, and I’m not sure the other inclusions are enough to draw anyone who’s already completed the game back in. Fugue is the new ability coming to Deathloop, which basically gets people drunk. I do like the look of the weapon coming with Goldenloop, an energy rifle that fires a continuous beam that can bounce off turrets and cameras. Paint bombers are the new enemy, who’re essentially a walking explosive Jackson Pollock artwork. Crossplay is a nice addition though, and there’s some upgrades for antagonist Julianna’s Masquerade ability at last.

Deathloop was a PlayStation console-exclusive when it was released in September 2021, but it did come to PC on the Epic Games Store. It was always likely that Deathloop would come to Microsoft Store and Game Pass on PC at some point after those exclusivity periods ended, thanks to Microsoft’s ownership of the game’s publisher Bethesda. Arkane’s next game is vampire co-op shooter Redfall, which was delayed into next year back in May. It’s coming to PC Game Pass when it launches, though.

Brendy awarded the game a Bestest Bests in his Deathloop review last year, finding it very different to Arkane’s previous games. “Colt is High Chaos Corvo with three lives and no patience, as reckless in personality as I want to be in play,” he said. “His boot contains more power than any Outsider's mark, and stealth is just the thing that goes wrong before a good fight.”

Deathloop comes to PC again on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass on September 20th. You can already buy it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £50/$60/€60. There are more details about the Goldenloop update here.

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