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Awesome Games Done Quick kicks off tomorrow, brings Deathloop and blindfolded Sekiro

And much more across the entire week

Time moves so fast now that I remain convinced Games Done Quick happens once a fortnight. True or not, it's definitely happening this week, beginning tomorrow, Sunday January 9th, and running through until Sunday January 16th. This time, the charity speedrunning marathon features several recent games including Deathloop and Death's Door, among many others.

In reality, GDQ happens just twice a year, with Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick. It ain't summer, so this is the former. You can find the full schedule at the Games Done Quick site, and the whole event will be streamed as always via the GDQ Twitch channel.

As per the last couple of years, it's an online-only event again due to Covid. In the past, some GDQ streams also had an in-person component, with a crowd gathered to watch the person doing the speedrunning. That live element always upped the stakes and made the streams more fun, particularly when developers of the game being run would call-in to chat. It remains excellent as an online-only event.

We'll pick some of the best speedruns out and post them as the week progresses, but right away I'm looking forward to lots. The aforementioned Deathloop and Death's Door happen tomorrow, there's Webbed and Psychonauts 2 on Monday, the original Hitman on Tuesday, Diddy Kong Racing on Thursday, and It Takes Two and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion both happen on Friday. Saturday is then when the previously reported blindfolded Sekiro run will take place. Bananas.

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