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AGDQ 2022 lineup includes blindfolded Sekiro speedrun

As well as Deathloop's very first GDQ outing

The clocks have gone back and the cold is creeping in, so now it's time for me to get too excited too early for the winter speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick. While it's too early for the full schedule right now, organisers have revealed the current list of accepted games, and there are already some absolute belters. A race to beat every Dark Souls boss and Deathloop's first GDQ outing are amongst the highlights. But the one I'm most looking forward to is a blindfolded Sekiro run. I couldn't finish that game even using my eyes.

Runner "Mitchriz" will be taking on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice while blindfolded, with an estimated time of 2:45:00. It's very impressive stuff. He first managed the feat back in July of this year, and you can take a peek at his highlights vid below to get an idea of how he does it. He uses all sorts of glitches and cheeses, and says it took around a month to prepare for (which honestly sounds like a very small amount of time to learn how to complete a game without seeing it).

Watch on YouTube

I highly recommend skipping ahead to 26:30 to watch his Genichiro fight. There's some excellent cheese that I may just have to use if I ever go back to that game. I'm very much looking forward to hearing some of these strats explained at AGDQ.

Other highlights from the games list include: a 25-minute Deathloop run, a 50-minute Slay The Spire run beating the game with all four characters, a 55-minute Subnautica run, and Stardew Valley's community centre being restored in just 20 minutes.

To see the full games list so far, head to the AGDQ website. It's worth noting that these are subject to change if runners decide to drop out, but it's a pretty good indication of what's in store.

AGDQ 2022 will take place between the 9th and the 16th of January, and will raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Much like the last couple of GDQs, this event will be completely digital to avoid any ongoing risks from the coronavirus pandemic.

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