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Deathloop PC patch addresses framerate stuttering

They're still investigating another possible stutter source, mind

New Arkane Studios sneak-o-shooter Deathloop is a good'un, but the PC launch was marred by technical problems which caused the framerate to stutter for many players. One week later, they've put out a patch which should fix the stuttering for many folks playing with a mouse. However, you might not find the game hunky-dory now, as they say they're still investigating another potential stutterorama. Always tricky when multiple issues create similar-looking outcomes.

Hotfix 1.708.4.0 launched yesterday evening. The patch notes detail the single change:. "This hotfix addresses an issue experienced by some players on PC whereby mouse-based camera movement could result in the appearance of 'stutter.'" It hasn't fully resolved stuttering, mind.

"Additionally, we are looking into a separate, but related issue that we have identified as a factor that may also be a cause of stuttering at high framerates," the notes note. "We will update further on this as soon as we have more information."

I'm seeing players suggest that you might still want to run the game with your framerate and monitor locked to 60 or 120fps, a workaround many have used since launch. Unfortunate!

If you want a whole lot of detail on stuttering, our corporate siblings at Digital Foundry got into it in a video last week. Us here at RPS, we're baser creatures, so here's Brendy enthusiastically kicking men:

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Brendy's Deathloop review declared it "A time-looping shooter with funny dialogue and a very powerful boot, where stealth is just the thing that goes wrong before a good fight." Jeremy Peel has written about his fondness for the (optional) multiplayer invasions too.

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