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What are we all playing this weekend?


Soon, virtual worlds will be crawling with skeletons, jack o' lanterns, and all that good stuff. While the various digital spaces we inhabit have different histories, different religions, different species, so many differences, it's nice to see that one belief is shared across almost every facet of the multiverse: actually, skeletons are really cool.

Alice Bee
While other New World players are doing instances and whatever, I am really really focused on chopping down trees. I want to get the achievement and rare title. Also the axe sound is really good.

I'm headed back to Dread Delusion's Steam Next Fest demo to finish up. Extremely into the look of this RPG, kinda Morrowind in hell. Good music too. Great vibes.

has earned leeway.

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is on holiday!

is ? ? ?.

I tried the Inscryption demo during the Steam Next Fest and fell in love with it, so this weekend I plan on trying Daniel Mullins' old games I missed out on. I think I'll start with Pony Island and see how I go. I'm just very up for some weirdness, especially as we get deeper into spook month.

I'll be playing World War Z: Aftermath, an agreeably meaty expansion to a game that - as a spinoff of the Pepsi-chugging Brad Pitt film - still has no right to be as fun as it is.

A deck of cards in Inscryption
Card drama in Inscryption.

I'm deep in the EGX trenches this weekend, so who knows what delightful indies await. If you're at the show tomorrow, don't forget to come to our RPS Presents panel on the making of Inkle's Overboard over at the EGX Theatre stage. It will be fun!

Day 73 of my Valheim game with the family. I've grown tired of living in the same boring old house that I built way back at the beginning of the game, so I've dismantled it (along with several nearby forests) and I'm building a colossal mead hall for my character to rest in while he's not off norse-ing up the bad guys. But I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this build. It's gigantic, and possibly a bit structurally unsound. I've a feeling a bird landing on the roof may cause the whole thing to collapse.

My plan to get spooky season off to a simple start by playing The Suicide Of Rachel Foster — a short, atmospheric, Shining-inspired walking sim — got slightly derailed when I hit a glitch that softlocked me 90% of the way through the story. So I'll be replaying from the beginning this weekend in order to see the final chapter. My partner is going to be joining me this time, so even though much of the tension's gone out of it for me, at least I can enjoy some second-hand unease.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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