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This RPG in the Steam Next Fest looks like Morrowind in hell

The mood coming off Dread Delusion...!

Upcoming open-world RPG Dread Delusion is, if nothing else, a hell of a mood. Soon after starting the demo that's now available in the Steam Next Fest, I found myself just chilling with the soundtrack and watching the hot pink sun crawl across the sky, fed by tendrils swirling into it and briefly occluded by blood-red clouds. A great vibe. Like a small Morrowind, but in the sort of Hellsville where the local tavern is adorned with the giant skull of a slain god who collapsed upon it.

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In the Elder Scrolls tradition, Dread Delusion starts us as a prisoner. We're freed to hunt the leader of a band of mercenaries accused of the scandalous crime of aiding god-worshippers, kicking off the main quest, but soon we're free to explore, do side-quests, chat with townsfolk, join the thieves hanging out in the sewer, and all that open-world RPG stuff. Movement and violence are decidely of the era which inspired the game, which I can't say I'm super into, but that's how it goes.

We're also free to just watch the 'neuron star' circle our land of hovering islands while enjoying the music, and I sure did. See:

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It's a pretty game. Lots of weird machinery and mushrooms and Warhammer 40K-esque servitors and just some great colours. Cracking soundtrack too. And I do like the wobble to everything, because I'm like that. I also enjoyed watching the plants you can harvest for alchemy:

You can download Dread Delusion's latest demo from Steam. You might have played an early demo ages back in the Haunted PS1 demo disc. The full release will follow, like, at some point. It's led by Lovely Hellplace, aka James Wragg, and published by Dread XP.

We've got plenty more Steam Next Fest demo recommendations for you too. Valve's free demo-o-rama runs until Thursday the 7th.

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