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The Epic Games Store is launching its achievements system next week

Get those platinums

Epic Games are still in the process of getting their store and launcher hooked up with features you're used to from that other big digital games store. Next week they're adding one you might have been waiting for. Naw, it isn't the shopping cart. Not quite yet, anyway. In the nearest term, it's their achievements system that's getting its initial launch. As of next week, Epic will be rolling out Epic Achievements and XP for a handful of games including Hades, Rocket League, and Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

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For starters, Epic will be launching achievements in Rocket League, Hades, Pillars Of Eternity, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, Zombie Army 4, Alan Wake Remastered, "and more". Each game achievement has an XP value from 5-250, and an associated Bronze through Platinum rating attached. As for what they're good for, well, looking at of course. That's why folks like cheevos, right?

"Games with Epic Achievements have a new Achievements detail page where you can share and track your progress," Epic say in their post today. "This page outlines all Epic Achievements available for the game, showcases your progress towards each, and highlights Epic Achievements you’re close to unlocking. Epic Achievements and your Achievement progress per game are now displayed in your library."

Epic also mention upcoming social features and player rewards coming later this year. Based on their development roadmap, that'll be a "general overhaul of Social Features (for example friends)".

Also from the roadmap is, yes, the shopping cart. I gather that's a handy feature a lot of folks have been waiting on. It's also hanging about in the "Up Next" column as of mid July. It's not mentioned in Epic's post from today, so I'd not expect it next week. Sounds like soon though. Maybe.

Elsewhere in Epic features, they've recently announced plans to test Steam Direct-like self-publishing tools for developers.

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