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November 2011 Archive

    1. FUS! RO! PATCH! Skyrim Updates To 1.2
    2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Begins
    3. Taking A Swing: Tour Golf Online
    4. A-ha, A Demo: Take On Take On Helicopters
    5. "That's No MMO...": Kotick On SWTOR
    6. Epic Cartography: Magna Mundi
    7. Guvnor': Hands On With Prison Architect
    8. Jagged Alliance: Not Yet Back In Action
    9. Dragon Age Multiplayer in BF3 Engine?
    10. Majesty: HHiiddeenn OObbjjeecctt IInn 33DD
    11. Introversion HumBundle And Hunt Updates
    12. Tall Tales From Neverwinter's Taverns
    1. Indie Royale 3: Eufloria, Cthulhu, Runespell
    2. Watch'n'Game: At A Distance
    3. Magicka: The Stars Are Left Goes Noir
    4. Gilbert Reveals Art For Double Fine Project
    5. WoW Updates A 4.3rd Time: Hour of Twilight
    6. Nuclear Dawn Free Trial Approaches
    7. Beyond Black Mesa Is Half-Life: Origins
    8. Undercooked? RAW - Realms Of Ancient War
    9. Wot I Think: Anno 2070
    10. You Can Buy Ultima VII!
    11. Level With Me, Ed Key
    12. Gaming Brain Studies & Who's Behind Them
    13. Lab It Up: SpaceChem Adds Sandbox Mode
    14. Paper MMO: The Missing Ink
    15. Tinker, Glazier, Soldier, Spy: Gunpoint
    16. Microtransacting The Fridge: Indy Facebook
    1. I Can See A Rainbow 6: Patriots Post
    2. Important Dialogue Analysis: Arkham City
    3. Procedural Pipes: Tiny Plumbers
    4. Expandalone! Shogun 2: Fall Of The Samurai
    5. Beauty Beheld: Legend Of Grimrock
    6. Filling The Gulf: Battlefield 3 Heads To Oman
    7. Funcom Unveil The Secret World: Part Two
    8. Why Modern Warfare 3 Remains An Un-Game
    9. BAFTA Publicly Praises Size Five's Privates
    10. The Cubed Crusader: LEGO Batman 2?
    11. Fate Fight: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
    12. Type-casting: Interactive Fiction Awards
    13. Are You Likely To Choose Jedi Consular?
    1. E-Sporting Chance: A Tale Of Two Heroes
    2. Now Playing: English Country Tune
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Not Cardboard Children: But Something Else
    1. Introversion Drop "Treasure Hunt" Clue
    2. Mods And Ends: Skyrim
    3. Everything Ever: Terraria 1.1
    4. The Lights Fantastic: Trine 2 Preview
    5. Numbers Game: Pre-Build Your WoW Panda
    6. The Insurance Will Cover It: KarBOOM
    7. Occult Dealings: Cabals - The Card Game
    8. Unquiet Spirits: Ghost Recon Online Preview
    9. The Flare Path: Campaigns Pain Me
    10. Wot I Think: Batman Arkham City
    11. Entrenched: Gratuitous Tank Battles Diary
    12. Bruce On The Wane: Arkham City DX11 Woes
    13. OnLive Silly Sale: Arkham 2, Saints 3 For £1
    14. I Am Alive Might Yet Be Alive On PC
    15. OST(erity) Cuts: Indie Music Bundle
    1. 'Piracy' Stops Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
    2. Dear Esther Ready To Go For Early 2012
    3. Jump For Joy: AAAaA Etc - For The Awesome
    4. Purple (Sov)reign(ty): Planetside 2's Vanu
    5. Is 2011 The Year Of Game World Exploration?
    6. Wot I Think: Serious Sam 3: BFE
    7. Incredible: Inside The Titanic In CryEngine3
    8. RPS Meets Monty Python: Reprise
    9. Proto-Adventure: Pahelika Revelations Demo
    10. The Festive Four: Dungeon Defenders DLC
    11. Classy Heroics: Firefall's Battleframes
    12. Game Within A Game: Chambered In Minecraft
    13. Bullet Points From Max Payne 3's Art Boss
    1. Steam Autumn Sale Ready For Harvesting
    2. Further Expansion: Distant Worlds - Legends
    3. Anno Where I'm Going: Unknown Horizons
    4. I Am Alive Dev Dismisses 'Bitching' PC Users
    5. Retrovirus Almost Has A Trailer
    6. At Long Last, It's Martial Arts: Capoeira
    7. DarkOrbit Made €2 Million From One Item
    8. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 51
    9. Funcom Unveil The Secret World: Part One
    10. Google Logo Is The Best One Yet, Gamey
    11. Ban "Call Of Duty 3", Cries Keith Vaz
    12. Voxeloids: Miner Wars' "Killer" Features
    13. Nature's Neuroscientific Review Of Games
    14. Bioware Making Command & Conquer?
    15. Not Spelunky: Cave Story+
    16. Free* Doom 3 Source Code Available
    1. Humbwinia: The Humble Introversion Bundle
    2. Actually, Let's Do A Similar Battlefield 3 Poll
    3. Skyrole: 29% Of You Are Warriors
    4. Oh: Here Is A Spec Ops Trailer
    5. And: Serious Sam 3 Is Out Later Today
    6. Hands On With Spec Ops: The Line
    7. Skyrim Contains Most Of Tamriel, Sort Of
    8. Level with Me, Davey Wreden.
    9. No Yolk: Dizzy's Back
    10. Wot I Think: Take On Helicopters
    11. A Space Inventory: Egress
    12. Your Turn: Molecat Twist Demo, Trailer
    13. Light As Feather: Guns Of Icarus Online
    14. Panzer Corps Demo Out, Game Half Price
    15. Soldiering On: Battlefield 3 Patched Up
    16. Skyrim Patched... For The Worse
    17. KAPOW! DC Universe Revenue Up 700%
    1. WoW Is Old Enough To Ride A Bike
    2. Hi Seas, Lo Fidelity:Treasure Adventure Game
    3. Star Me Kitten: Hoshi Saga 7
    4. Byte vs Brick, Week Ending Nov 20, 2041
    5. Flagging Behind: Battlefield Heroes
    6. Not That Engineer: The Engineer
    7. Hands On: The Secret World
    8. The Life And Death Of Skyrim's Lydia
    9. Game Logic vs Choice & Consequence
    10. Teutonic Slaughter: Real Warfare 2
    11. The Cult Of Minecraft, Live
    12. Anno 2070 Launched, Deposited Pretty Trailer
    1. See MLG Providence National Championships
    2. The MMOnitor: Darkwind - War on Wheels
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Madhattan: Prototype 2's NYZ
    2. Cardboard Children: Raising A Glass
    3. Rooks and Kings' Eve Docudrama
    1. Mods And Ends: Daggerfall & The XL Engine
    2. Space Demo! Space Video! Arvoch Alliance
    3. But: Back To Karkand Arrives In December
    4. Jurassic Park: The Lost Scores
    5. Rational Discourse: Levine And Del Toro
    6. Angry Lairds: Crusader Kings II
    7. So... League Of Legends Is Popular
    8. Implausibly Reviewed: Minecraft
    9. The Flare Path: Juno's Golden Sword
    10. Wot I Think: Modern Warfare 3 Single Player
    11. Friendly Rear: Enemy Front
    12. Lord Of Time Craft: Doctor Who MMO
    13. Unjaunty: English Country Tune
    14. Hidden Psyche Game: XIII Lost Identity
    15. Wot I Think Live: Jurassic Park
    16. Gunshine, Lollipops and Facebook
    17. Celestial Ambidexterity: Magicka Sale, Q&A
    18. Cry Me A Robot: Mechwarrior Uses CryEngine
    1. Roguelike Radio: The Binding of Isaac
    2. Skyrimpoll: What Have You Been Doing?
    3. Still In The Dark: Torchlight II Delayed Again
    4. Wot I Think: Skyrim, Addendum #2
    5. A Serious Video For Serious Max Payne 3
    6. Good... New Games? GoG Is Changing
    7. Baroque.Me, This Makes Everything Better
    8. Hip, Hop And Jump: Sideway New York Demo
    9. Grave Flowers: Wither
    10. RPS Asks: Do You Use SLI/Crossfire?
    11. It's No Reason Thursday: Chuckie Egg
    12. Skeletons And Spiders: Trine 2 Screenshots
    13. EA's Unwieldy Banhammer: EA Responds
    14. SWTOR Beta Weekend Is Next Weekend
    15. Good News From Another Universe
    16. After Impulse Sale, Stardock Come To Steam
    1. Skyrim: I Want More Pretties
    2. Wot I Think: Sonic Generations
    3. Vegans of Virtue: Dungeons of Dredmor(e)
    4. Crafted With Love: Magicka's Expandening
    5. HANDBALL! Oh Actually Sorry, That's Allowed
    6. Bartle Banter: Wildstar's Jeremy Gaffney
    7. Mayor May Not Survive: Towns
    8. Thor Feelings: SMITE Screenshots
    9. Risen 2 Creators On 'Exotic' Pirate Setting
    10. Fiery: Eve - Crucible Details Emerge
    11. Burnout Paradise For No-Pennies
    12. Sined, Sealed, Delivered: Waves Released
    13. You There, Come Play BF3 With Us
    14. Darting Around: Syndicate Coop
    15. Back From... Brink Does Clans, Tourneys
    16. COD ELITE To Reach PC After All, Apparently
    1. Xtra-Small-Com: Xenowar
    2. Afterfall: InSanity Demo, w/ Preorder: Insanity
    3. Dragon's Eye View: Skyrim's Ultro-Map
    4. Joy! Install Steam Games To Other Drives
    5. Call Of Duty: ELITE May Never Reach PC
    6. Casting Light On Metro: Last Light
    7. The Lyrical Mermaid: Water
    8. Demo Lights Up For Ignite Racing
    9. (Belated) Byte vs Brick, Week Ending 12 Nov
    10. APB Reloaded's Live Action Nonsense
    11. Level With Me, Brendon Chung.
    12. Time Enough: Now There's An Achron Demo
    13. Skyrim: Say, Have You Met Lydia?
    14. Freed: Earthrise To Remove Monthly Fee
    15. The Ever-Ezioing Story: AssCreed So Far
    16. So Who Hasn't Bought Minecraft?
    1. Wot I Think: Saints Row - The Third
    2. Infectious: Cadenza Announce Retrovirus
    3. Gaming Made Me: Ultima VII
    4. Dungeon Defenders Dev Kit Released
    5. User Interfarce: Skyrim's Silly Choices
    6. More Indie Discounts: Show Me The Sales
    7. EA Forum Bans Are STILL Affecting Games
    8. Wot I Think: Payday: The Heist
    9. Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Giveaway
    10. Everquest II Entering New Age Of Free Play
    11. Reckon Ball: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    12. Arachnophobes Rejoice: No Skyrim Spiders
    13. Hey, You! Watch This Planetside 2 Trailer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: Cyclades
    1. Disgusting Limb Manipulation In GMOD
    2. Steam: King Of Witcher 2 Download Sales
    3. Closure For Steve: Minecraft's Finale
    4. Silly Shooting in SickBrick
    5. Call of Duty: Bigger Than Star Wars
    6. The Flare Path: Trench Warfare
    7. Getting Skyrim Skytrim
    8. Richard Garriott Wants To Rebuild Ultima
    9. Wot I Think: Renegade Ops
    10. Wot I Think: Skyrim, Addendum #1
    11. You Can Pay For Xenonauts Again, Pals
    12. Dodgy Rumour: Peggle 2?
    1. Hack: Steam Database Compromised
    2. Alsoquest: Everquest II Goes F2P
    3. Take To The Skies With A New Firefall Trailer
    4. Gotham City Impostors Arrives In January
    5. Indie Royale's Difficult Second Bundle Is On
    6. Mineception: Minecon's Official Trailer
    7. Hands On - Saints Row The Third, Part Two
    8. Gish Joins The Humble Voxatraon Bundle
    9. Wot I Think - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    10. Wot I Think: Worms Crazy Golf
    11. Prof Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax
    12. Oh, But Some Good Ass Rev News: DRM
    13. Not Ass Creed: Revelations' Launch Trailer
    14. Jagged Alliance And UFO Online Betas Begin
    15. Rubik's Magic: EVE Devs Explain Updates
    16. Another Game Of Game Of Thrones: Screens
    1. And Lo, A Mighty Warrior: Barbarian's Back
    2. Gaming Made Me: Frontier: Elite II
    3. Verdict: To The Moon
    4. Weapon Of Miaows Destruction
    5. RPS Asks: Which Games Made You Weep?
    6. Three Way: Mass Effect 3
    7. XCOM Avoids The End Of The World
    8. Prestigious Platforming: The Pretender
    9. Assassin's Creed Reveals Constantinople
    10. Space, Cubed: Blockade Runner
    11. You Call This A Delusion? Total Recall MMO
    1. The Wager 1.2 Is Out, And You Should Play It
    2. Wot I Think: L.A. Noire PC
    3. QWOP A Load Of Poleriders
    4. A New Skyrim Trailer To Pass The Time
    5. Olly: What A Delightful Frag-rence
    7. The Delayed Knight: Arkham 2 PC Slips
    8. DarkEden Has A Very Stupid Trailer
    9. Falling For You: Aaaaa! 2-ish
    10. Is Baroness Greenfield A Nuclear Bomb?
    11. Sony President on DCUO: "F2P FTW!"
    12. Introversion Explain Subversion's Fate
    13. Modern Wherefare 3: The Nonboxing
    14. Dorkly: Squiggly Piece Rotates Right
    1. Enjoy Some Freudian Ships
    2. Farward Thinking: Telepath RPG
    3. Filthy Bioware Teases Tease New Game
    4. Silent Asshat: Stealth Bastard
    5. You Were Born To Do Great Things
    6. Oh My Goodness, It's Offroad Parking
    7. Cars Wot Go Pretty: Nitronic Rush
    8. Squintillating Platform Perils: Focus
    9. Kark At This: BF3 Expansion Trailer
    10. Stare Case: Kinect PC Officially Official
    11. Level with Me, Magnar Jenssen
    12. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Nov 4
    13. Clouded Vision - Rainbow Six: Patriots
    14. Serious Sam 3: BFE's eye-popping trailer
    15. This Isn't Call Of Duty's Live Action Trailer
    16. Nifflas+2: 6 Shots of Whiskey / The Big Sea
    17. Dismantled: Lego Universe Closing
    18. The Wager Is Complete, The Archive Revealed
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: Fleet Captains
    1. Mods And Ends: The Sims 3
    2. The MMOnitor: Fallen Earth
    1. The Flare Path: Tomorrow's Chip Wrappers
    2. Man Down: COD Elite PC Delayed
    3. Wot I Think: InMomentum
    4. Bang To Bytes: Explodemon!
    5. Will Wright Is A "BAFTA Guru"
    6. Impressions: Afterfall: InSanity
    7. Review Score Controversies: A Guide
    8. Impressions: LOTR War In The North
    9. Watered Down: Anno 2070 Gets A Demo
    10. DICE Claim Lag Fix And Promise More
    11. Talking And Stalking - Hitman: Absolution
    12. Fatshark Are Making Krater
    1. Eco Worrier: Hands On With Anno 2070
    2. Ridge Racer Unbounded Destroys Cities
    3. Spectrum Gaming - Rainbow Six: Patriots
    4. Phoenix Online Have More Than Silver Lining
    5. A Beta Tomorrow: Tribes Ascend
    6. GTA V About "Pursuit Of The Almighty Dollar"
    7. Hands On - Saints Row: The Third
    8. Middle-Earth Onlive: LOTR War In The North
    9. Saints Row: The Third Features Farts
    10. Wot I Think: Battlefield 3's Multiplayer
    11. Wot I Think: To The Moon
    12. Thin On Top: Four New Max Payne 3 Shots
    13. Chaotic Co-Op: Space Marine
    14. Hard Reset Unleashes Bonus Robotic Hell
    1. Demobulus: Lego Harry Demo Out Already
    2. True Friendshape: Thomas Was Alone
    3. The GTA V Trailer Features Cars, Guns
    4. Must Be Shouted: SNOW Announced
    5. Impressions: Crusader Kings II Beta
    6. Dota 2 Beta Seeks Arcane Facts From You
    7. BlizzBoss Calls BlizzCon Video Unacceptable
    8. DC Universe Online Free As A Bird/Plane
    9. Making Me Steamy: Bastion Half Price
    10. Lineage II Joins The F2P, Uh, Lineage
    11. Which AssCreed Revelations Is Which?
    12. Blue In Green (Hill Zone): Sonic Generations
    13. German Origin Furore And EA Denial
    14. Voxabundle Adds Isaac, Blocks That Matter
    1. Awesome And Cool: Tiny & Big
    2. Total Arthur: A First Look At King Arthur II
    3. Behind Behind The Scenes Of Skyrim
    4. Crafty: SC2 Heart of The Swarm, The Mod
    5. Firefall Is Shooty, Boasts Alien Pretties
    6. Wot I Think: The Dream Machine Chapter 3
    7. Syndicoop: Four Men vs All The Other Men
    8. Level With Me, Jack Monahan
    9. Jump To Attention: InMomentum Out Now
    10. The Games Industry On... Poached Eggs
    11. A Good Steer: Roadeo
    12. Gaming Made Me: Carmageddon
    13. Doom 3: The Sourcening Approaches