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Celestial Ambidexterity: Magicka Sale, Q&A

Magicka is free on Steam this weekend. Download, play, if you like it, buy it for the sale price of £1.99. Thought I'd get that out of the way.

I know it's only been a couple of days since we mentioned the expansion but if you're rabidly opposed to Magicka and Lovecraft, you'll just have to skip past the rest of this post. I apologise in advance to your much abused scroll wheels. Your reward for sticking with me is a fifteen minute video that contains two of the developers, right there on your screen, answering questions about The Stars Are Left. See for yourself.

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There are no major revelations but I like the idea of more puzzle elements and it's made clear that only one copy is needed to play with friends, leading to a slight finger-point in the direction of DICE. Yes, they seem like pleasant chaps, these two, though I'm unable to explain the Palin book on their desk. Is it simply enough of a joke that it doesn't need context?

I did mention that the base game is free on Steam this weekend and on sale at £1.99, right? Because that is cheap.

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