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Magicka 2: New Footage, Also A Singalong Why Not

He sang Careless Whisper, I think

I appreciate anything that carves out a space for itself to be daft, and Magicka has long been entertaining with its silly wizards, clumsy co-op violence and self-deprecating trailers. This latest video for Magicka 2 is by far the oddest yet. Come for the new footage of wizards slaying magical beasts with beam-weapons, stay for the retro karaoke-video-style.

The video is technically designed to advertise a Magicka singalong competiion, in which people are encouraged to record themselves singing a version of the song in this trailer in order to win... something. I don't much care about that, but I do like the jokes about the netcode. (I have also seen Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester both dress up as Vlad and sing karaoke, but I imagine he's forbidden from entering the competition himself.)

As Adam noted after the (mostly live action) announcement trailer from E3, this game's mentioned "artifact" system is perhaps the one major new addition to the series. It apparently offers "game-altering" switches and options, so my best guess is that it's something akin to Unreal Tournament's old mutators. Which would be a very good thing, if I didn't just speculate in completely the wrong direction.

Magicka is due out early next year. In the meantime, you should be playing the open beta of Magicka: Wizard Wars because everyone here loves it. Including Adam, Jim, and Adam again.

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