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Melt Mr Carrot In New Magicka 2 DLC

Ice, Death and/or Fury?

Magicka 2 [official site] has received yet another set of DLC named Ice, Death and Fury because, if the trailer below is anything to go by, it's got loads of ice and death and fury. Sometimes it is that simple. Have a look for yourself after the drop:

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"Wield swords, scythes and revolvers," you might've read above, before witnessing a typically frantic bout of spell-casting debauchery with flashes, hexes and explosions hemmed in by some quite frankly terrifying fairground merry-go-round-inspired music.

The Ice, Death and Fury DLC introduces four new scenarios by way of Protect the King, Troll Cave, Darkness, and Old Wizard; not to mention three new boss fights which see you going curled toe-to-curled toe against Insane Maxi, Mr Carrot, and The Great Porkolino. I like the sound of that last one.

The DLC also introduces new robe sets and weapons. Although past updates have brought thousands of new spells to Magicka 2, it seems this DLC grants players a certain degree of power that the base game didn't. The Robe of Riviera, for example, gives its wearer protection from all elements, although not status effects. Does this risk overpowering players? Maybe you've dived in already, dear reader, and can confirm either way.

Magicka 2's Ice, Death and Fury is out now on Steam for £6.99.

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