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Win Or You Die: Magicka 2 Is Out On May 26th

Nice to know in advance

The Bringers of Strategy Gaming Joy at Paradox Entertainment have released a new trailer for Magicka 2 [official site]. It's a very in-right-now parody of the Game of Thrones intro theme that will make you smile with the smug sense of satisfaction that comes from getting a pop culture reference. It's also designed to remind you of the game's release date, but in case you prefer to have YouTube videos expertly transcribed for you by professional writers, that release date is May 26.

While the original game in the series was an Arrowhead Game Studios project, Magicka 2 is in development at a studio called Pieces Interactive. As we've known since its announcement last year, Magicka 2 features four-player co-op, and always-on friendly fire. So there's a way to ruin a friendship. You can live vicariously through our hands-on impressions right here.

It's novel for a Magicka game's release date to be announce so far ahead of its release, given that the original burst onto Steam at short notice. Never played it? Why, then you're in luck: it comes with the RPS Supporter package.

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