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Sign up to the RPS Supporter Program and get 5 free games

Plus a hat, a god, and a frosty horse

The RPS Supporter Program has grown up. As of last week, signing up for a six or twelve month stint as one of our favourite readers gets you an officially ads-free version of the website alongside extra articles and free stuff. You can read more and sign up over here, but this article is specifically about the free stuff you'll get. Things like: 5 free games, 1 God, 1 hat, and 1 frosty horse. Read on for more details.

Thank you to everyone who has signed-up so far and to those who were already supporting. Whether you signed up years ago or are signing up today, all the gifts below are available to you via Humble - including the four new gifts we've just added to the collection. (Note: Keys are limited and first-come, first-served. We currently have plenty in supply of everything below and will update this page if anything runs out.)

What free gifts come with the RPS Supporter Program?

Hard West

If you're a fan of turn-based tactics, you've probably already drained XCOM and its sequel of everything they have to offer. Next on your list should be Hard West from Creative Forge Games, the makers of the upcoming Phantom Doctrine. It's a genremate from 2015 that scratches the same XCOM and Jagged Alliance itch but with cowboy hats and six-shooters. And wounds. Read Alec's Hard West review for more.

Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive

That's not the only cowboy-themed gift this month. Earlier in July, THQ Nordic updated the wild west tactics-'em-up to work smoothly on modern Windows, Mac and Linux. Now you can get a Steam key for the Commandos-like classic completely free. Find out why that's exciting by reading its entry in our round-up of the best stealth games.


A Jules Verne-inspired underwater exploration game in which you control a submarine, recruit a crew, and blow other machinery to bits in the murky depths. This key is for the Fleet Edition of the game, which comes with the official soundtrack, an art book and some exlcusive in-game items.

Paladins Frostmare mount

Paladins is Hi-Rez's sci-fi-fantasy hero shooter in which two teams of five do battle. We all liked it when we played it as a team last year. The Frostmare Mount skin replaces your character's mount with the appearance of a frosty-looking horse.

A Horace hat for Team Fortress 2

Dress up like the endless bear who made all of this possible and the terrifying entity that won't let us rest: Horace. This Team Fortress 2 hat looks adorable on any TF2 class and - psst - if you don't play the game, you can trade it for a princely sum of real money on the TF2 marketplace.


A free Steam key for the co-op wizard battler Magicka, which is still a very fine way to accidentally-on-purpose kill your friends til they stop inviting you to play games with them.

Smite's Kulkulkan

An ENTIRE GOD in the form of Kukulkan, a hero for the third-person MOBA Smite. You also get Kukulkan's alternate colour skin, Typhoon. He's a feathered serpent but Horace is still more terrifying.

How do I access the gifts that come with the RPS Supporter Program?

If you're already a supporter, you can find your keys by logging into your Humble account, heading to your Keys page, and typing 'rps' into the search box. All keys included in the RPS Supporter Program should show up.

If you're not yet a supporter, head here to find out more about the benefits and sign up. We currently offer two packages: a six month subscription for $25 and twelve month package for $40. Once you've purchased the package, you'll probably want to attach it to your Humble account for access to all your keys. And make sure to head to your RPS profile page to enter the key for the RPS Supporter Program itself - that's how you get the ad-free site and the exclusive posts.

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