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No Yolk: Dizzy's Back

Update: Confirmed as Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, but for iOS and Android only. Bah!

Dizzy: a smiling egg-man controlled in assorted platform-puzzle-adventures by old European men such as I back in the late 80s and early 90s. For some reason (perhaps because he wasn't the figurehead of a console company; perhaps because the key devs left to start their own company; perhaps because he was, well, an egg), Codemasters' one-time flagship character didn't really survive into the 21st Century. But now the delicate wee fellow is apparently due for a return. What kind of return is a mystery: all we have to go on is this none-too-cryptic image at the brow-rasingly-named eggcitingnews.com. Are you willing to shell out for the yolkfolks' return?

Given Codies haven't exactly had the best run of things lately (Red River and Bodycount didn't meet a warm reception), my guess is these will be remastered releases of ye olde Dizzy games, perhaps for EyeTelephones but with a bit of luck also for for the modern-day equivalents of the personal computers they once ran on. I'd be surprised if it was a whole new Dizzy game. But we'll see. No word yet on if creators the Oliver Twins, now at Blitz, will be attached to the project(s) either.

Having not played a Dizzy game for years, I honestly can't tell you if they still stand up or not - if they deserve the gentle fondness my mind suggests when I try to recall of them, or if they're over-cute and irritating by today's standards. Anyone able to offer a -hahahahahahahahaahahahaaaah - more objeggtive opinion?

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