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And Lo, A Mighty Warrior: Barbarian's Back

You know what the world is missing? A new Barbarian game.

So there is one. Pointless teaser below.

In fairness, I bloody loved Barbarian. I played it an enormous amount on my Atari ST. I remember the confusing lady with the bikini on the box. It made me feel funny, and unsure of things.

My tummy hurts.

The best bit, of course, was when you chopped a head off and then a lizard kicked it across the screen. I hope that's in the new game. However, this teaser from Microids (haven't they disappeared about 27 times? - oh, it seems they're currently owned by Anuman Interactive) doesn't tell you anything whatsoever.

Watch on YouTube

So instead, here's a video of the good bit:

Watch on YouTube

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