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Gunshine, Lollipops and Facebook

Team RPS continues to warily circle Facebook gaming in the manner of coyotes sniffing at a crashed stagecoach, convinced there are delicious, meaty treats somewhere inside the wreckage but anxious they're defended by something that will cause them harm. While the master thief that is Farmville, and its many derivatives, remain a gruesome prospect indeed, a few games are endeavouring to be, well, games. One of those is the agreeably stupidly-named Gunshine, a sort of shooty-Diablolike which I found to be not-horrible in my brief encounter with its open beta a few months back.

Supercell's F2P light roleplayer has now reached full-release status, in case you've been holding off because you think 'beta' means 'diseased', so you can take a look for free now. If you prefer to steer clear of the Book of Faces, it is also available in standalone Flash-form (though does, being a sorta-MMO, require registration). There's a trailer demonstrating Gunshine in its current form below, as I believe is the done thing when a videogame launches these days.

Watch on YouTube

Anyone been playing this for a while? Can you tell me how much your gun shines? And how heavy-handed the microstransaction stuff gets?

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