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Steam: King Of Witcher 2 Download Sales

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings developers, CD Projekt, have given us the tiniest glimpse into how much Steam dominates the digital distribution market. Their lovely action RPG sold nearly a quarter of a million copies digitally since launch, with a hefty 81% of those coming from Valve's increasingly monolothic service.

Steam has so far delivered 195,000 copies of the game, CDP announced today, compared to 45,000 copies from all the other distribution services combined. 35,000 of the later were from CDP's own Good Old Games, leaving the likes of Direct2Drive, Impulse and GamersGate fighting for the relative scraps of the remaining 10,000 sales.

Valve are hugely secretive about their numbers, and most of the developers on there follow suit, but CD Projekt have good reason to be more open about it: their game is huge success. It's like that time I found a chip in paper folds of my takeaway when I thought I'd finished them all. That was a great, great day to be me.

(The sales figures don't include retail/etail boxed copies, by the way - with those thrown in, presumably primarily via Europe, the game as a whole had sold almost one million copies back in August.)

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