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Netflix's Witcher now has a making-of documentary

CD Projekt's new Witcher game sounds like Pokémon Go

The second series of the Netflix's The Witcher show is still a way away, especially after production was interrupted by the pandemic, but Netflix do have a wee bit more to tide folks over. Today they released a half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary with cast and crew talking about the making of the show, fittingly titled Making The Witcher. It's not hugely enlightening but does have lots of my favourite behind-the-scenes bits: men in green mocap suits, and sped-up monstrous makeup application.

Speaking of witching, CD Projekt Red announced a new mobile game today, The Witcher: Monster Slayer. It sounds a bit like Pokémon Go with Witcher monsters.

"My initial interest in The Witcher came from a chance experience with the Witcher games," Cavill explains in the doc. "Then I heard that Netflix were making a show, and so I hunted down the opportunity to play Geralt, and when I had my first meeting with Lauren [Schmidt Hissrich, the showrunner], she had mentioned it was based on the books."

While the series is based on the books, I have always thought the success of CD Projekt Red's video games played a huge part in Netflix approving the series - and that was before I knew they're responsible for Cavvo's involvement. He's an old PC gaming fella himself, a Total War fan (which earned him a nod in Total Warhammer 2) who recently showed everyone the building of his new gaming PC - a process that made our Katharine quite nervous at times.

The documentary is up over on Netflix now.

Season 2 of The Witcher resumed production this month. It was halted in March after a cast member tested positive for Covid-19, and then lockdown hit. Now they're back, it seems Hank's having a mucky time:


Netflix also have a live-action prequel spin-off in the pipeline, The Witcher: Blood Origin, and an "anime film" named The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf.

Today also brought CD Projekt Red's announcement of The Witcher: Blood Origin for iOS and Android. They call it a "location-based augmented-reality RPG" where you'll roam around our world battling monsters in augmented reality, which sounds like Pokémon Go to me. Pokémon Gore? Pokéyen Geralt? We have time to workshop this. Observe:

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