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Modders uncover a last-minute Yennefer betrayal in The Witcher 3 cut content

Nothing new on Iorveth, sadly

Witcher 3 official art of Jennifer casting a spell while Gerald stands behind her with a sword in hand
Image credit: CD PROJEKT

Big large huge RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently got a fresh set of official modding tools in the form of REDKit, a powerful bit of downloadable that helps you add whatever you fancy to the game, including entire custom questlines. Not two months on from REDKit’s release, ‘Tuber xLetalis and modder glassfish - a contributor to the cut-content-restoring Brothers in Arms mod - have put together a showcase containing around 20 minutes of cut content from the game’s ending. Cheers, cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer!

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The cut scenes, dug up and reimplemented for the video, would have taken place between Geralt’s showdown with Eredin and the game’s finale at the tower. It's all set in a Niflgaardian camp, and would have included conversations with Yennefer and Emperor Charles Dance, as well as some optional chats and exploration. There’s also a scene - albeit one missing some animations - in which Yennefer betrays the Lodge of Sorceress to the Nilfgaardians in a bid to help Ciri. She lets Triss escape though, font of goodwill that she is.

Elsewhere in the discarded scenes, there’s even some extra bits with good old Crach an Craite, who I mainly remember as the bestower of a very-hyped up magic sword with very useless stats.

It’s been too long since I finished The Witcher 3 to say much on whether this was a cut well made, although it does remind me of the granular politicking in The Witcher 2’s closing hours. As great as the third game was, I do mourn for all the plot threads from 2 it left hanging, notably Iorveth and Saskia, and lots of other little details from the final act. Ah, well, can’t have everything, I suppose. Unless there was some sort of extensively powerful tool that let modders just flippin’ add stuff to the game. Imagine it! Why, you could give me back my dragon wife right now! Now!

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