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Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel series set 1200 years before Geralt

It's called The Witcher: Blood Origin

Here's a nice one for The Witcher fans on this lovely summer afternoon - Netflix have announced they're making a prequel series to teach us all about the beginnings of those mysterious, white-haired monster hunters. Named The Witcher: Blood Origins, it'll be set 1200 years prior to dear old Geralt Of Rivia's story, and will tell us the tale of how "the very first Witcher came to be".

It'll be another live-action series, though a slightly shorter one than The Witcher with just six episodes. It's being made by The Witcher series' executive producer Lauren Hissrich and Declan de Barra, who wrote the episode Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials in the current series.

That's about all we know for now, no actors or anything listed yet, just these simple Tweets to pique our interest. Having finished the show and just started playing the games myself, I'm very up for hearing more about the lore of the Continent. If anything it'll at least help contextualise the world for those of us who started their Witcher journeys with the Netflix show.

The Witcher: Blood Origins might be a long ways off yet, however. According to Redanian Intelligence, filming for The Witcher's second series is planned to last until February 2021 after setbacks from the Covid-19 pandemic. I mean, I know nothing about TV production but maybe they'll film them at the same time to reuse sets? That's absolutely too optimistic. More likely they haven't even finished writing the prequel yet.

For now, if you're after a little bit more expanded Witcher lore, Netflix made a cool interactive timeline so fans can get an idea of what events happened when.

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