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The Witcher games are going cheap in the anniversary sales

Toss a coin to your developers...

If a Netflix show and years of people going on about it have finally convinced you to consider giving The Witcher a go, good news: to celebrate the fifth birthday of The Witcher 3, the whole series is on sale. Both Steam and GOG have big Witcher sales, including the whole RPG series plus various spin-offs. £10 for The Witcher 3 and both expansions is a good price for so many grimaces and weary sighs, every one of them great.

Hit Steam and GOG for the sale pages. The Steam sale ends on June 1st, while GOG's will end on Monday, May 25th. The Witcher 3, and only The Witcher 3, is also discounted on the Epic Games Store in its own sale.

We've declared The Witcher 3 one of the best RPGs and the others are decent too but ah, I'm sure you've heard that by now. Are there many people who might be interested but haven't gone for it in any of the squillion sales over the years?

If you're coming fresh from the show (which is based on the original books, same as CD Projekt Red's games are), I think it's fine to start with The Witcher 3. I can see why VidBud Matthew recommened showfans start with the second, though, with its focus more on kings and politics. I do think you're missing out if you skip the first, but I understand it's old enough to put off some folks. Look, you'll be fine.

The sales do also include the digital adaptation of the Witcher board game and Thronebreaker, the singleplayer spin-off of the card game Gwent. Brendy's Thronebreaker review thought it was fine. Oh, speaking of Gwent, that launched on Steam today too, after years exclusive to GOG.

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