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GOG's Spring sale is now on, with lots of free Witcher goodies

Toss a coin to your GOG

GOG's Spring sale begins today, and there are lots of free Witcher goodies up for grabs to kick things off. Alas, The Witcher games themselves aren't free as part of the goodie pack (although they're all heavily discounted as part of GOG's Witcher Universe Collection bundle), but it does include lots of Witcher soundtracks, comics, art, wallpapers and a video of some Witcher music being played at The Video Game Show concert. You'll need to get 'em quick, though, as the goodies pack is only available until 2pm UTC tomorrow (March 18th). Read on below for some more highlights.

Indeed, if you haven't completed your Witcher game collection yet, then GOG's aforementioned Witcher Universe bundle could be just the thing to toss your coins at. You'll need to buy three or more games to get the higher discount (five will get you the top discount), but there are still some very tasty savings to be had here regardless. If you buy five games and get the top discount, for example the first Witcher game can be had for as little as 39 pence in the UK / 49 cents in the US, while The Witcher II gets reduced to 79 pence / 99 cents.

It's also the cheapest way to get The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's Game Of The Year edition for the lowest possible price as well. If you buy it in the sale as a standalone game, you'll get it for 70% off, taking its price down to £10.49 / $13.64, but if you buy it as part of the Universe Collection, you can get it for either £7 or £8.79 / $9.09 or $11.37 depending on how much games you buy.

If you'd rather toss your coins elsewhere, though, then there are plenty of good ways to do it, as GOG have discounted over 2500 games in total. Below are my personal highlights:

GOG also have some Build Your Own Bundles that are worth taking a look at, too, which work in a similar way to GOG's Witcher bundle, netting you an extra 5% off three games or more, or an extra 10% off when you buy more than five. Chief among them are the Build Your Own Deep Silver bundle, which includes the likes of 4A's Metro series, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Saints Row and lots of Risen games, and the Build Your Own Beamdog bundle, which is effectively a one-stop shop for all things Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Planescape Torment.

There's also a Build Your Own Ubisoft bundle if you're lacking in Settlers games, older Rayman titles and Heroes Of Might And Magic, as well as a Build Your Own 1C bundle, which contains all sorts of things from Men Of War, Conglomerate 451, King's Bounty, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark and Deep Sky Derelicts to name just a few.

The sale runs from now until March 30th, so there's plenty of time to fill your deals boots if you're currently stuck at home and find yourself with an ever-dwindling back log.

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