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Another Game Of Game Of Thrones: Screens

How's your Game Of Thrones game coming along? Everyone's making one at the moment. Mine's doing nicely - it's a sort of driving game/match-3 hybrid, set north of the Wall. It should be ready some time in 2013. Game Of Thrones: Genesis is already out (and a bit poop), and then there's the somewhat trademark infringing Khan Wars: Game Of Thrones, which just happens to show up on Google searches for the licensed versions. Anyhowever, the news is that Cynanide's other GoT game, the RPG, has a North American publisher in the form of Atlus, and with that have come some more details and a couple of screens.

(Oh good grief, as I'm writing this, we find there's to be a Game Of Thrones MMO from Bigpoint, and a Game Of Thrones social networking game too, hideously described as "FarmVille comes to Westeros.")

The RPG aims to be over 30 hours long, with the original story "written under the supervision of Martin". Whatever that might mean. You'll be able to choose between one of two playable characters, who apparently will approach the game in starkly (geddit?) different ways. They're promising lots of proper interaction with major characters from the series, and exploration of known locations, as well as your decisions having an impact on the war for the Seven Kingdoms and the future of Westeros.

And there's something called the "active slowdown tactical combat engine", which they call "innovative", but sounds like it means instead of pausing the game, it just slows down a lot while you issue orders. That's all we know just now. But there are four new screenshots to look at. Look at them.

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