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Telltale's Game Of Thrones Finale Deets & Pics


All men must die, so I'm told, and I can't imagine the finale of Telltale's episodic Game of Thrones [official site] will be without a few tears, not to mention murders and mutilations. Unusually, Telltale announced its release date - November 17th - a month in advance, a break from their usual habit of muttering episode dates a few days before they're out. They didn't have much of anything to say about the ep, mind, so today they've followed up with a few words and pictures from 'The Ice Dragon'.

Here's what they briefly say is going down:

"With House Whitehill tightening its grip on Ironrath at the behest of Ramsay Bolton, the remaining Forresters must give their all to save the family, whether through diplomacy, subterfuge, or violent force. In the frozen wilds beyond The Wall, Gared learns the secrets of the mysterious North Grove, and Mira discovers that political games in a King's Landing controlled by Cersei Lannister often involve the highest stakes of all.

"One final note... this is definitely an episode you might want to play more than once. What is the fate of House Forrester? When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Your choices, your story: you decide."

Winning or dying is how you know it's a game, yeah? No one wants the Walking Simulator of Thrones, do they? I totally do, of course. While I've no interest in Game of Thrones itself, I do like many of the locations they've filmed in. By cherry-picking magical spots of our world, they've created a fantasy land where everywhere offers that wonder, which is great. Er. Anyway, November 17th, yeah?

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