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Comfy? Telltale's Game Of Thrones Ends In November

The Ice Dragon

Speaking of conclusions to episodic adventure games made by Telltale, the devs have announced that their television murderfest spin-off Game of Thrones [official site] will wrap up on November 17th with its sixth episode, titled 'The Ice Dragon'. That makes this post a bit like going back to past and changing that other post so in the future we have a post about Game of Thrones rather than Tales from the Borderlands but oh no what is this I'm dissolving gosh meddling with time is a rum do and no mistake!

By which I mean, look, it's a wee new video with its voice cast (including TV folks!):

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"The epic conclusion to the season is the most ambitious and diversely presented episode we've ever produced," Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner boasted in an accompanying press release. "The fate of House Forrester has been in the hands of players all season long, and the finale will be tailored to provide a uniquely harrowing conclusion for each and every player based on the decisions they've made in the game thus far."

Says you, sunshine. Presumably nothing will change enough to affect events of the TV show (and this is very much based on the TV show rather than the original books) but still, I reckon Telltale can get away with doing some mighty unpleasant things to all the folks created for the game. How are you finding this, by the way? Compared to other Telltale episodic adventure games, I haven't heard that much about it. Have folks simply learned not to go on about Game of Thrones near me?

Whew, okay, we've reached the end of the post and guys, don't worry - I haven't dissolved because I went back to the future and fixed everything.

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