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Game Of Thrones Trailer Heralds Today's Conclusion

Decisions, decisions...

Telltale are releasing the sixth and final chapter of their Game of Thrones [official site] episodic adventure later today. They're presumably also planning to hunt you down, kick in your door, flay your PC, and impale its severed screen on a lamp post outside your home then make a necklace out your shattered mouse. Ahead of the release of 'The Ice Dragon' in a few hours, Telltale have released a trailer recapping a few of the choices players have faced, and teasing what's to come. Spoilers follow, obviously?

The breakdown of how many players chose each branch is interesting. Most seem about a 70/30 split, though a few wander close to the supposedly golden percentages of 50/50. You want players to feel conflicted about the choices, to struggle with what's wrong and who they most care for, and a choice where players split 92/8 (as they did in GoT in one point, apparently) seems to suggest that some decisions had an obvious resolution. I think there's real value in those one-sided choices though, in still forcing players to pick, dangling an option before them knowing they'll wonder "What if..." as the consequences of their actions unfold.

I had no doubts what I'd do in the Life Is Strange finale, but still agonised over being forced to choose - though apparently a fair few people went the other way, so maybe it wasn't as one-sided as Pip and I thought.

Anyway, Game of Thrones, yeah? How have you felt about this season's choices?

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