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Indie Royale's Difficult Second Bundle Is On

The second Indie Royale bundle has this second gone live. You'll remember the first one from Adam telling you all about it. It's the excitingly confusing system where the price goes up over time, but people paying more than that price cause it to go down. I think. Whatever it is, it works, and tens of thousands of people bought the first one, getting a splendid bargain. So what's in the second collection?

Why, it's only Red Redemption's Fate Of The World, Charlie's Games' Scoregasm, Size Five Games' Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen Please!, and Nifflas' NightSky. Individually those games would have cost you £25. You could be paying an awful lot less than that. Or maybe you'll choose to pay an awful lot more, to make it cheaper for others? I don't know you - there's literally no way I can tell who is reading this, nor how profligate you are. The previous bundle never went over £4, to give you an idea of the bargain you could be getting here. Or offering to others.

So, well, want them?

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