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Uurnog is a musical platformer from Knytt creator

No, UR nog!

I know an ‘Uurnog’ sounds like some gargantuan beast from Norse legend, but it’s not. Uurnog [official site] is really a newly announced, synthy, block-grabbing platformer from yer man Nifflas, aka Niklas Nygren, the creator of the Knytt series and NightSky among others. The aim in this one is to explore the world and “steal all the animals and keep them in the save room - the only place that doesn't reset when you die.”

It looks like there’s a kind of collect-em-all thing going on here, with your character bringing different block types back to the sanctity of his save room. But here’s what jumping and throwing those blocks around looks like.

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Those are some good colours but also some good sounds, and this is where things get a bit odd because the game also includes its own custom music editor, while the music itself is “algorithmic”. This basically means that the music depends on your actions in the game. Here, another video probably explains it better than I can.

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There’s going to be a level editor too. So you can make your famous willy-shaped chambers.

Nifflas has a good name around these parts. John got married to Knytt Stories in a clandestine ceremony that nobody remembers, for instance, and the original is still number 7 in our list of best free games of all time. This time he’s bunched up with art-doer Corinne Cadalin and noise-maker Harri Dammert.

It’s also one of Humble’s new-fangled ‘Originals’ and is going to be part of their monthly bundle in March (that’s their subscription thing where you pay $12 a month for a clatter of rando games from their hoard).

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