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No you're nog: Knytt dev releases Uurnog

Cutesy puzzle-platforming

Oh hey! Uurnog [official site], the new game from Knytt and NightSky developer Nifflas' Games, is out for all to buy. Uurnog is a cutesy puzzle-platformer about rescuing/collecting/abducting animals, whose abilities you can use while carrying them, and has some fancy algorithmic music. We knew Uurnog was coming in March's Humble Monthly subscription doodad as one of the 'Humble Originals' but hey, turns out it's also sold separately from the start. Here, have a look at this trailer:

Nifflas' Games say:

"Explore a strange world! Steal all the animals and keep them in the save room - the only place that doesn't reset when you die. Just remember to not bring bombs into the save room. Your mistakes are saved too."

It also has some fancy algorithmic music going on, able to react to events from gunfire and your progress through a level to the skittering of a cat. Have a listen:

You can get Uurnog on Windows and Mac from the Humble Store for £5.99. I's made by Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren with art by Corinne Cadalin and a theme song from D Fast.

I do hope this is a sign Humble will release more Humble Originals -- games which debut in the Monthly subscription bundle -- separately. The Originals are often quite interesting but not enough for me to pay for the $12 subscription, as the bundles largely contain games I either already own or likely wouldn't get around to playing. Make this a habit, yeah Humble?

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