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Fate of the World Online starts crowdfunding

Can we save the world? WELL!

Back in 2011, climate change strategy game Fate of the World taught us that oh god, this is so difficult, we're doomed. It was one of our favourite games on that year's RPS advent calendar, which is how much fun we are at Christmas. Well, after another six years of the world going to heck, sequel Fate of the World Online [official site] is angling for crowdfunding cash to update the calamity and add online multiplayer. As a world leader, can you keep your country stable while fighting climate change?

Playing as the USA or China, players will need to keep their own economy stable while trying to, you know, save the world from the mess we're causing. Would you believe that some people will resist this? Fate of the World Online will simulate greenhouse gasses, ice caps, forests, wildlife, and all that, and the disasters caused. Nations will try to hammer out agreements to fight this but aw, jeez, we're really done for aren't we?

This sequel is being made by a different studio, as creators Red Redemption went down several years ago. After picking up the rights, new devs Soothsayer Games did also nab original game director Matthew Miles Griffiths and executive Klaude Thomas to work on this.

Fate of the World Online's Kickstarter is looking for £60,000 to fund a solid beta version. It won't be quite complete, mind, so Soothsayer are hoping to blow past that Kickstarter goal, secure additional funding, or raise extra cash from selling the beta - or a combination of 'em all. There's a fair degree of uncertainty there but hey, welcome to our future.

£20 on Kickstarter would get you beta access in April 2018, if all goes according to plan.

For more on the idea of all this, check out our Fate of the World review from young Quinns.

The game I want to see is about the species which has a crack after we're gone. Perhaps a species of giant budgies will rise to inherit the Earth, eventually building a civilisation upon solar power because they do so enjoy pecking at their own reflections in the shiny solar cells. Dolphins recover golf ball grabbers from sunken fairways and learn to use manipulate them as deftly if they were their own limbs. Cephalopods bubble "Whew, glad they're gone!" then dig out all their megatech they buried in silt when we first started poking our heads into the oceans.

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