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Cars Wot Go Pretty: Nitronic Rush

Oh FFS. Despite the game's own site saying it was announced yesterday, Jim somehow knew about this in August.

I don't know about you, but I like shiny colours. The way they're all shiny. And all colourful. And when they move! My goodness me, it's all I can do to stare vacantly as the saliva wettens my bottom lip. So it is that I instantly decided I liked Nitronic Rush, a new game emerging from the electronic folds of DigiPen. It's described as "an experimental survival driving game", citing the 1990s (in which there is no apostrophe, planet Earth) as its inspiration. But my oh my, the 1990s never offered shining colours like these.

The game, announced last night, is to be released completely fuh-ree. And it looks like it might be top arcade fun. DigiPen of course has something of a reputation for impressive students generating impressive games. Both Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power Of Paint famously became Portal and Portal 2, for instance. Although I think I'd like to play a collection of the games that DigiPen doesn't proudly release to the worlds. The games made by the students who perhaps didn't quite make it to the third year. Someone leak those to me.

Nitronic Rush looks like it's not going to help with that, since it appears properly entertaining. Take a look at those moving shining colours:

Watch on YouTube

It's out in only four days, on the 11th.

Oh, and I always feel a bit sorry for DigiPen students, who get lumped in as one amorphous group. So the people making this are:

Kyle Holdwick: Executive Producer, Gameplay Programming, Obstacle Logic
Andy Kibler: Game Designer, Level Design
Chris Barrett: Technical Director, Architecture, Trick System, Menu Logic/Design, Website/Server Admin
Andrew Nollan: Graphics Programmer, Art Director, Obstacle Logic, Gameplay Programming, Level Editor Logic
Jason Nollan: Physics Programming, Vehicle Design/Modeling, Gameplay Logic
Laura Borgen: Concept Art, Texturing
Eddie Peters: Concept Art, Modeling, SFX
Ariel Gitomer: Concept Art, Modeling
Nathan Aldrich: Concept Art, Modeling
Jordan Hemenway: Audio Director, Music Composition, Sound Design, Website Development
M.J. Quigley “The Quiggles”: Music Composer, Interactive Music Layers

And because I don't seem to know how to stop writing this post, here's another trailer. It contains the achievement: Double Rainbow:

Watch on YouTube

Big thanks to Alec for the tip.

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