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The Bundle Singularity: The Free Bundle

It's not unusual to pay less than a quid for a game in this age of austerity but how often do you choose to give more when a bundle allows you to pick a price? The Free Bundle will not allow your generosity to corrupt its mission statement, which is to gather free games and then to offer them for free in a bundle called 'Free'. If you throw money at your screen, just this once it will actually bounce back and land in your tea instead of transporting directly to the developers. This collection includes mad racer Nitronic Rush, horror game Ascension, platformer Celestial Mechanica, Imscared and the splendiferous Abobo's Big Adventure. You can download them all here.

What's the point of gathering free games together? Well, maybe you forgot about some of them. I'd forgotten about Abobo's Big Adventure and I wrote a post about it. Also, if people do enjoy the freebies, there's always the chance they'll buy some of the other games made by those involved, or follow their work in the future. While the bundle site itself doesn't take donations, some of the indies do and the extra attention could well become extra funding.

I like this idea. There are so many games available for free that it's impossible to keep track and The Free Bundle reminds me of the floppy disks that I used to collect, packed with freeware and shareware. The Cabrera Brothers, who created sci-fi noir adventure CYPHER, are the chaps responsible for putting the bundle together.

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