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On The Horizon: Distance

Neon space cars. Aye, that'll do.

Today in 'games that desperately need to be out I mean come on already you kickstarted it in 2012 for goodness' sake': Distance. I'm not quite sure how this one slipped under my "rad neon games" radar (I have a lot of radars) but it's probably for the best I wasn't waiting for it all this time. From Refract Studios, formed by the team behind the ostensibly similar Nitronic Rush, it's a flashy, fast and fantastic-looking arcade racer. You're only sometimes trackbound, taking to the air at opportune moments to jump over obstacles or even reach full flight. It's pretty much the game we all thought up as kids, only with slightly less plasma cannons. New trailer below.

The quicker reset thing shows these folks have got their heads in the right spot. There's nothing more frustrating than a game which requires absolutely perfect precision but will not reset instantly in the event of a cock-up. I like the look of those challenge modes too - they let the fabulous environments show off in a new way, and are very in-theme with the future-car vibe. While it isn't new to this build, I love what they've done with the UI, placing it all in the center of the screen by attaching it to the car. This leaves as much screen space as possible for the actual game.

As part of the two year anniversary of the Kickstarter, Refract yesterday did a livestream of a bunch of their old builds. The archive is now available and is filled with interesting tidbits about the development of the game. If you've never tried the prequel, as I hadn't until today, it's very much fully featured and totally free. Check it out.

The backers' beta has already begun and Early Access is shortly forthcoming, as Graham reported last month.

In other 'racing games Ben is excited for' news: Drift Stage is still rad as all hell. Composer MYRONE, who I'm gradually developing something of an obsession over, recently released a new track.

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