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The Festive Four: Dungeon Defenders DLC

Google just told me that today is Thanksgiving for our North American chums, so presumably they get to stay off work, avoid their families and play games all day. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Dungeon Defenders is receiving three new chunks of DLC, the first of which is a thematic exploration of the ancient American tradition of gratefully devouring turkeys. It's a single map with a giant turkey boss and four unlockable costumes, available for no pennies until December 2nd. Further treats come in the form of New Heroes, which provides four new classes that at first appear to be nothing more than gender swaps for the original heroes, but actually have new abilities. Then there is the Warping Core pack, with four new challenges and a smattering of unique loot. Videos and prices below.

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This DLC was clearly created purely to create a media frenzy once PETA get wind of it, with its savage depictions of magic-on-turkey violence. Oldest trick in the book.

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And those would be the new heroes. That particular slice of content is on sale for £2.79 for the week, reduced from £3.49. The Warping Core Challenge pack is £1.59. It's also worth nothing that the base game has a 50% discount at the moment, making it a measly £4.99. Jim's thoughts can help you to decide if that fiver is well spent and if you do have friends, a four pack is available for £14.99 during the sale. Not bad at all. If you own the game, do remember to grab the free one at least.

Now, what are we all thankful for today? I'm happy that Night of the Living Games For Xbox Windows, or whatever they're calling it now, has decided to let me play games again. I don't know why, so I'm assuming it's a Thanksgiving miracle.

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