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Rooks and Kings' Eve Docudrama

It's on nights like this one, when sleep is denied me, that I miss Eve Online most of all. I would have spent it hunting, leading fleets, and indulging in the stuff that makes the game so special. It's funny, because I realise that those who have never played Eve's PvP game will never know what I am missing out on, now, let alone what they have missed out on, always. For all the writing I've done on the subject, I've never been able to capture quite what it all means in terms of a cerebral, tactical, persistent challenge. There is nothing quite like it. That singular nature means that videos like the one below - a forty-minute tale of sophisticated, high-level combat through Eve's wormhole space - are possible. You should watch this video, even if you do not believe you will ever play Eve, because it captures the drama, the control, and the mathematics that are integral to the PvP game.

And it makes me acutely aware of what I am missing out on. The guys making this video are hardcore PvPers, even by my standards, and it's impossible not to admire their dedication. Perhaps I was found lacking. Thanks, Roburky.

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