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EVE Online is getting a Microsoft Excel plug-in later this year

Spreadsheets come for us all in adulthood

Several games have been accused of being little more than spreadsheets, but few have decided to lean into the allegation. That's what EVE Online is doing later this year though, when developers CCP release their own Microsoft Excel plug-in.

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CCP discussed the plug-in in a blog post laying out their 2023 plans. 2023 is also the year EVE Online enters its third decade since release.

"Toward the end of January the Microsoft Excel plug-in, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, will be soft launching in a closed beta trial," says the post. "This integration will enable Omega capsuleers to log in and directly pull in-game data into Microsoft Excel. We believe this will level the playing field by providing easy and simple access to in-game data, without requiring coding knowledge. The official launch is planned around EVE’s 20th anniversary in May."

The idea is that pulling data into Excel will allow players to more easily calculate profit margins on trade deals and even - because this is EVE - the likely outcomes of different battle strategies. You'll need to have an "Omega" subscription to make use of the plug-in, one of EVE Online's paid tiers.

CCP are also planning two new expansions this year, with one in Q2 and another in Q4 according to the roadmap (pictured above).

EVE Online might be getting on in years, but it's still unique when it comes to both MMOs and space games. That's why it remains one of our picks for the best MMO, even if it will be forever tough for new players to get onboard.

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