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Angry Lairds: Crusader Kings II

A trailer for Crusader Kings II would inevitably consist of closeups of maps and loud, pompous music, so even though I'm hugely excited about the game I wouldn't bother posting it. Or it would be the first in a series of live action comedy sketches themed around the seven deadly sins, in which case I'd be more than content to share it with the world. I'm happy that a game so head-scratchingly intense that I've gone through six scalps playing the beta is able to let its hair down. And, yes, I'm talking about the game as if it is a sentient being. What of it? Let's just watch.

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I am part of the chorus that derides live action trailers for games but this probably cost less to make than the old man's beard in the Skyrim effort and it's sixteen million times more enjoyable while telling me just as much about the game it's advertising, which is admittedly not a huge amount. Although there is a map at the end and the scenario shown does sadly describe the kind of stupid antics I sometimes find myself performing when allegiances become confused.

With the Pythonesque feel here though, let's hope the lust trailer doesn't go all Benny Hill on us.

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