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October 2023 Archive

    1. Cities: Skylines 2's new editor tool looks neat
    2. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has a voiced main character
    3. Ubisoft are switching off online services for another batch of games
    4. PC Game Pass is getting nearly every interesting game in November
    5. Starfield mod unlocks the ability to build your own spacestations - "all of the code was already in the game"
    6. The Headless in Sekiro is the only boss that legimitately terrifies me
    7. Jusant review: a show don't tell masterpiece
    8. It's "frightening" how fast we have to release Like A Dragon games to stay "relevant", says Yakuza writer
    9. The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria review: solid cozy survival fun for a group of pals
    10. Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Grappling hooks, a stabby car, and giving ghosts the finger
    11. Lunacid, a homage to From Software before Dark Souls, launches out of early access to Very Positive verdicts
    12. Remedy discuss Control 2 and the Max Payne remakes, while Sam Lake teases "huge budget dark gothic fantasy"
    13. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Oct 31)
    14. Wordle hint and answer #864 (October 31 2023)
    1. Steam players are loving this free RTS that’s like Anno in space
    2. Destiny devs Bungie are the latest big video game studio to be hit by layoffs
    3. Valve says beloved game modes - including Arms Race and surfing - and new weapons will come to CS2, eventually
    4. Battlefield devs’ multiplayer shooter The Finals is full of AI voices - and oof, you can tell
    5. Get Corsair's 4000D Airflow PC case for just $80 after an Amazon discount
    6. This gorgeous 34-inch ultrawide OLED gaming monitor from Dell is $200 off
    7. Crytek will never "replace" Hunt Showdown with Hunt 2 the way Overwatch 2 did Overwatch 1
    8. Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is an ambitious, but potentially alienating open world jaw-dropper
    9. Join us for our Starfield RPS Game Club liveblog this Friday, November 3rd
    10. Games for Gaza bundle raises $200,000 for Medical Aid For Palestinians
    11. Starfield's zero-G gunfights are a rare treat, but I do enjoy them
    12. The Great Below is an Inscryption-style horror game that could be a metaphor for nuclear waste disposal
    13. Song Of Nunu: A League Of Legends Story review: simple 3D platforming with lots of heart
    14. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Oct 30)
    15. Wordle hint and answer #863 (October 30 2023)
    1. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Oct 29)
    1. Wordle hint and answer #862 (October 29 2023)
    2. Moonlighter devs’ next game has you build Lego-style fortresses and defend them against waves of horrors
    3. Quietly moving indie gem Spirit of the North was like Journey but with a fox, and it’s getting a sequel soon
    4. Gangs of Sherwood, aka Robin Hood filtered through Warhammer’s grimdark lens, has been delayed almost a month
    5. Dungeons of Hinterberg’s mix of Zelda-like combat and puzzles with Persona’s social links looks irresistible
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Oct 28)
    8. Wordle hint and answer #861 (October 28 2023)
    1. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion will be free to keep from Epic next week
    2. Fortnite's original map will make a return next week
    3. Diablo 4 is free to play this weekend via
    4. Disney Dreamlight Valley won't be free-to-play after all when it launches next month
    5. Get an overclocked RX 7800 XT graphics card for £485 with this Ebay 20% off code
    6. Sands of Aura, out today, is a Soulslike RPG with Wind Waker-style open world sailing
    7. This 27-inch 1440p 165Hz monitor is just $160 with free shipping
    8. This point and click detective game has Alan Wake 2 beat on its most important feature
    9. Capcom's new REX engine will address "ballooning" game scales and no, that's probably not a Dino Crisis reference
    10. Best ships in Starfield
    11. Lunacid is lo-fi first-person dungeon skulking done right
    12. Return To Moria isn't an amazing game, but it takes you to an amazing place
    13. How dare Square Enix just put my all-time fav soundtracks, the Final Fantasy Piano Collections, online for free
    14. Stop blaming teeth for Cities: Skylines 2 performance problems, say devs
    15. Starfield console commands and cheats list
    16. Alan Wake 2: PC performance and the best settings to use
    17. Crytek have "discussed" a Hunt: Showdown single-player campaign - "we do like narrative"
    18. Alan Wake 2 New Game+ and DLC plans include what can only be a Control crossover
    19. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Oct 27)
    20. Wordle hint and answer #860 (October 27 2023)
    1. The Finals open beta is live now with a new map and mode to destroy
    2. Foxhole's massive Naval Warfare update is out now, adding gunboats and subs to its persistent battlefield
    3. Cyberpunk 2077's 2.02 patch rebalances the near-impossible vehicle contracts
    4. Ubisoft delay Skull and Bones yet again, together with a mystery "large game"
    5. SteamVR 2.0 is out and improves the storefront's UI for headsets
    6. Cities: Skylines 2's first performance-boosting patch is out now
    7. This 24-inch 1440p monitor offers 165Hz gaming for $200 (with a free $15 gift card)
    8. This PCIe 4.0 SSD now costs less than $87 for a 2TB drive
    9. Ask RPS: what's your favourite biscuit, and what are the caffeine habits of RPS?
    10. People waiting for Silksong should try the demo for Worldless, which launches next month
    11. Remedy's latest game, Alan Wake 2, contains their very first
    12. Alan Wake 2 is a slow-burn thriller, but so far it's sunk its hooks in deep and good
    13. Starfield Item IDs list
    14. Still Wakes The Deep gameplay trailer asks which is worst, the monsters or the weather?
    15. An interview with Just Stop Oil about protest, playfulness and invading EGX
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Oct 26)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #859 (October 26 2023)
    1. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater’s first gameplay shows off a faithful MGS3 remake in Unreal Engine 5
    2. Ark: Survival Evolved remake Survival Ascended is apparently out on PC today - but you can’t play it just yet
    3. Manor Lords is Total War, Crusader Kings and Age of Empires in a blender, and it's headed to Game Pass
    4. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth puts its own Yakuza-style twist on Animal Crossing in new minigame Dondoko Island
    5. Modern Warfare's creators were "very divided" over its most influential feature - unlocking guns
    6. What's better: summoning spectral animals or blink teleports?
    7. The Annual Ghost Town Pumpkin Festival returns with free pumpkin carving for 2023
    8. Best Starfield mods
    9. Quake goes Brutalist again in another free map pack celebrating concrete
    10. Beast, out in early access today, is Baldur's Gate 3 meets Diablo 4 via Unreal Engine 5
    11. Cities: Skylines 2 devs considered release delay to boost performance, but decided it's "not a dealbreaker"
    12. Project Awakening is born from EVE Online’s fragility - so it's turning to the blockchain
    13. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Oct 25)
    14. Wordle hint and answer #858 (October 25 2023)
    1. American McGee says AI offers the only hope of a new Alice game
    2. Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets "long-requested quality of life updates" as developer starts work on new project
    3. Nightdive's Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster will launch next February
    4. Rocksmith 2014 has been removed from sale ten years after release, and its DLC will follow
    5. Want a 4TB SSD for $138? This is a 4TB SSD for $138
    6. LG's incredible 48-inch C2 OLED TV is down to £824 with a double discount at Ebay UK
    7. GTA 6 fans desperate for an October reveal are convinced Rockstar are trolling them
    8. The (miniature) making of Cocoon: how to make a complex puzzle game feel easy
    9. How to play Suika Game on PC and Switch
    10. I can't play watermelon game Suika's free PC clone anymore, because the fruits all look too goddamn sad
    11. My Little Universe is like a crafting sim meets an idle clicker
    12. Stretch reality to solve platforming puzzles in this fun little free game
    13. Cities: Skylines 2 PC performance, system requirements, and the best settings to use
    14. Please welcome our new guides writers, Kiera Mills and Jeremy Blum
    15. Metal Gear Solid - Master Collection Vol 1 is out, bringing MGS3 to PC for the first time
    16. Elder Scrolls 6 will keep Skyrim's approach to levelling and "traces" of its magic, says former Starfield designer
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Oct 24)
    18. Wordle hint and answer #857 (October 24 2023)
    1. Final Fantasy XIV will get even harder achievements, if the player who already earned all 2,700 of them asks for it
    2. Watch Final Fantasy’s creator grief XIV director Yoshi-P, get crushed by iconic series bosses and poke a gigachad in the arse
    3. Amazon’s Fallout TV show finally has a release date
    4. This compact mechanical keyboard is 50% off at Amazon US, just $35 for 84 keys
    5. Overwatch 2 takes a leaf from Fortnite’s book of music megastars as it teams up with K-pop giants Le Sserafim
    6. Frasier Fantasy is a free RPG homage to the snobby 90s sitcom
    7. New Lords of the Fallen updates make sweeping, transformative changes to New Game+
    8. This 1440p 240Hz LG monitor is down to $350 in the US
    9. Subpar Pool review: the most charming pool-golf you'll ever play, but not quite a hole(down) in one
    10. One of the most promising Silent Hill clones is in serious trouble
    11. Ghostrunner 2 review: an unforgiving cyberpunk slasher you'll either love or despise
    12. Why Final Fantasy XIV failed, and how it recovered
    13. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: More Moebius and a big bat battle
    14. "Wave of layoffs" at PlayStation reported by developer of unannounced game
    15. Space sim Squadron 42 is "feature-complete" and gunning for Starfield's lunch with massive new video
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Oct 23)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #856 (October 23 2023)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Final Fantasy 14 director would still love to do a Diablo crossover, please
    3. Final Fantasy 14’s 7.0 update isn’t out until next summer, but its director already has plans for 8.0 and 9.0
    4. Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshi-P would like to make an MMO as chaotic and free as Ultima Online, but it would break FF14
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Oct 22)
    6. Wordle hint and answer #855 (October 22 2023)
    1. The scripting language powering some of the best written games now works with Unreal engine
    2. Football Manager 2024's advanced access is available now
    3. Alan Wake 2's PC system requirements are hefty, with an RTX2060 minimum
    4. Final Fantasy creator originally rejected all of the music by the series’ legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu
    5. Final Fantasy 14’s Fall Guys minigame looks like wonderful chaos, and we’ll be able to play it this month
    6. Final Fantasy 14’s new Viper job is a dual-wielding blademaster that’s new to the entire series
    7. Final Fantasy 14 is getting FFXI raids for the MMO’s 20th anniversary and a FFXVI quest crossover - complete with a Torgal mount
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    9. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Oct 21)
    10. Wordle hint and answer #854 (October 21 2023)
    1. This 27-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is in the price/performance sweet spot for $280
    2. This 24-in 165Hz Lenovo gaming monitor is down to £110
    3. Obsidian's Josh Sawyer wants to do Pillars of Eternity 3 with Baldur's Gate 3's budget
    4. Meet the men hiding their FIFA Ultimate Team addiction from their families
    5. Deadnaut: Signal Lost's design overhaul revives an excellent space horror setting
    6. You can now personalise your RPS browsing experience with our new "For you" section
    7. New Stellaris DLC Astral Planes will take you on a journey to other dimensions
    8. Tunic's Piano Sketches is my new favourite forever soundtrack
    9. How to get the Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077
    10. Activision Blizzard push Diablo 4 discounts and free trials even as Season 2 updates divide players
    11. Bit.Trip ReRunner’s Mario Maker-esque level editor makes a good game even better
    12. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Oct 20)
    13. Wordle hint and answer #853 (October 20 2023)
    1. The cheapest 1TB SSD for Steam Deck or ROG Ally is this £80 option from WD
    2. New Lords of the Fallen update stops walls "crashing your game in revenge" when you hit them
    3. The Rally Point: Why Alpha Centauri kind of helped when I had a breakdown
    4. Cities: Skylines 2 review: A standard-bearer that ought to have higher standards
    5. Roccat's Vulcan 121 full-size mechanical keyboard is down to $48 in the US
    6. Space Tales is a 1940s retrofuturist colony RTS with a neat power system from veterans of They Are Billions
    7. The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 35: the cute life sim that is secretly a horror game, and other twists
    8. Urbo review: Threes meets Dorfromantik in this chill puzzler
    9. Draft an auto-battling army of weirdos in Million Monster Militia
    10. Halo Infinite is exciting again, as players use new AI Forge tools to build Halo MOBAs and Pokemon arenas
    11. How to install on the Steam Deck
    12. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 drops the always-online requirement, but only for Steam Deck
    13. Discover how to cook delicious and disgusting dishes in this cute browser game
    14. Mosa Lina is an immersive sim for people who hate the perfectionism of immersive sims
    15. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Oct 19)
    16. Wordle hint and answer #852 (October 19 2023)
    1. This 1000W SFX-L 80+ Gold power supply is down to $150 at Newegg
    2. Planetiles looks like the next chill tile-'em-up for Dorfromantik fans
    3. Pick up the powerful 13-inch Asus ROG Z13 Flow laptop for $700 after a Woot discount
    4. What's better: Present decisions deciding past events, or that puzzle where switches turn on some things while turning off others?
    5. Starfield’s lead quest designer joins other ex-Bethesda devs - plus Obsidian and BioWare vets - to work on upcoming open-world RPG Wyrdsong
    6. Fortnite’s Alan Wake: Flashback is a sort-of-remake-but-not-quite that lets you replay the whole game in 20 minutes before Alan Wake 2
    7. Vampire Survivors’ free winter update lands tomorrow with a chilly new stage, frosty character and a big ol’ Okami fox to fight
    8. Intel Core i5-14600K and Core i9-14900K review: big numbers, tiny changes
    9. How historical fantasy Indika channels its Russian creator's anger against Putin and the Orthodox Church
    10. World Of Horror review: a weird and wonderful horror adventure in time for Halloween
    11. The final faction in Frontier's Warhammer RTS is magical chaos cult The Disciples Of Tzeentch
    12. Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments announce layoffs and "organisational review"
    13. Wordle hint and answer #851 (October 18 2023)
    14. Game design as conspiracy theory: what Amnesia learns from Umberto Eco
    15. The spiritual successor to Invisible, Inc. is finally here
    16. Xbox haven't "done an A+ job" of "revisiting" our old franchises, says Phil Spencer
    17. Lamplighter devs Harebrained "part ways" with Paradox as publisher decides against new project in the same genre
    18. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Oct 18)
    1. Underwhelmed by Intel's 14th-gen CPUs? This Ryzen 7000 bundle is on discount
    2. This 24000mAh power bank is ideal for extending your Steam Deck's longevity
    3. What have The Witcher 4 or "Polaris" team learned from Cyberpunk 2077? Test on console early and avoid crunch
    4. Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer beta seemed like a warm welcome back, riddled with anxiety
    5. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release date
    6. Devs from Rockstar, Necrosoft and more slam Epic and Songtradr for "trashing" Bandcamp as layoffs announced
    7. Cyberpunk 2077's new ending is its most heartbreaking, and worth returning for
    8. Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty missions list
    9. First-person Forager-like Outpath, out today, is also like Minecraft SkyBlock for lazy people
    10. Epic detail plans for Epic Games Store improvements - and how they're going to tempt more devs from Steam
    11. Wordle hint and answer #850 (October 17 2023)
    12. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Oct 17)
    1. EGX Highlights: Come and admire this adorable cardboard picture book game and huge Mars rover briefcase sim
    2. Netflix has reportedly spoken with Rockstar about releasing a Grand Theft Auto game as the streaming giant plans to add “higher-end” games to its library
    3. Spider-Man 2 is out on PS5 this week, which means the wait is hopefully now on for a PC release
    4. EGX Highlights: Hermit And Pig is a breath of fresh air for turn-based RPG lovers
    5. Now Starfield’s out, Bethesda’s PR and publishing honcho Pete Hines is retiring after 20-plus years at the studio
    6. Minecraft’s new Star Wars DLC will let you build a blocky lightsaber and make a droid friend next month
    7. When does the MW3 beta end?
    8. Windy Meadow, out now, is a delightful smalltown fable from the world of Roadwarden
    9. How gun giant Remington used Call of Duty to promote weapons to younger players
    10. EGX Highlights: Silence Of The Siren asks what if Heroes Of Might And Magic had dieselpunk moles and was set in space?
    11. RPS is hiring a Staff Writer, and you can apply right now
    12. One of PC's best and spookiest puzzle games has returned from the abyss
    13. Minecraft update 1.21 focuses on "combat and tinkering" with maze-like Trial Chambers and automatic crafting
    14. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Podracing and parrying
    15. Endless Dungeon review: an excellently moreish roguelike about opening doors
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Oct 16)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #849 (October 16 2023)
    1. EGX Highlights: Wordy wizard adventure Leximan is proper magic
    2. EGX Highlights: Loco Motive's witty, murder mystery point and clicking has won me over
    3. EGX Highlights: Billie Bust Up carries a tune in its musical comedy platforming
    4. EGX Highlights: Loddlenaut combines the zen of PowerWash Sim with cleaning up the ocean, and it's a lo-fi delight
    5. EGX Highlights: Pine Hearts is a cosy hiking holiday with the occasional nostalgia trip
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. EGX Highlights: Even with the horsepower of friendship, Resistor’s electric deathracing comes first
    8. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Oct 15)
    9. Wordle hint and answer #848 (October 15 2023)
    1. Lords of the Fallen’s Steam reviews improve as performance patch lands, devs advise players not to use graphics settings “their rigs cannot handle”
    2. Lords of the Fallen “does not, and will never” use anti-piracy tech Denuvo, devs promise
    3. Among Us’ first new map in over two years brings beaches, mushrooms and toasty marshmallows later this month
    4. Yes, Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck Verified when it hits Steam next week
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Oct 14)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #847 (October 14 2023)
    1. Lords of the Fallen earns Mostly Negative Steam rating as Hexworks share tips for crash and performance bugs
    2. EGX Highlights: 8 great games from the Rezzed Zone you need to play
    3. Highway Rampage is an overwhelming, hypnotic arcade...well, rampage
    4. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is even more bonkers than you can imagine, and I want more, now
    5. What is the new Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3?
    6. Microsoft finally buy Activision Blizzard as last legal hurdles fall away
    7. CD Projekt used speech-cloning tech to revoice a dead actor in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
    8. Battlefield 2042 is free to play on PC this weekend
    9. Starfield Missed Beyond Measure walkthrough
    10. Bohemia warns against spread of fake Israeli–Palestinian conflict videos actually created in Arma 3
    11. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Oct 13)
    12. Wordle hint and answer #846 (October 13 2023)
    1. The actually decent Alien: Blackout will be delisted soon, so play it while you can
    2. Harvest Island is a lovely farming sim with no horrifying undertones whatsoever
    3. Assassin's Creed: Mirage update will let you toggle graphics effect people hate so much they're modding it out
    4. Valve upgrades Steam's security after several games are hacked and filled with malware
    5. Star Trek: Infinite review: Not exactly a strategy pioneer, but still an enjoyable journey
    6. The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 34: the best demos in Steam's October Next Fest
    7. Dead Island 2's Haus DLC feels like a homage to Bioshock and Deathloop
    8. Lords Of The Fallen review: realm-hopping magic can't keep this Soulslike from getting on your nerves
    9. Counter-Strike 2's hottest new strategy is the Michael Jackson Peek
    10. Starfield One Giant Leap walkthrough
    11. Starfield Revelation walkthrough
    12. Here are all the games you can play in the Rezzed Zone at EGX 2023
    13. Saltsea Chronicles review: an enthralling high seas mystery adventure
    14. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Oct 12)
    15. Wordle hint and answer #845 (October 12 2023)
    1. Dave the Diver adds automated farming, crab catching and whatever a “Lobster Party” is in a hefty update
    2. Overwatch 2 locks new Diablo 4 skins behind a bundle that costs as much as Overwatch 1 - and players aren’t happy
    3. Forgive Me Father 2 is a gory yet (Love)crafty cosmic horror FPS, and here's a demo
    4. Stardew Valley concert will take its delightful soundtrack on a world tour next year
    5. Pulpy XCOM-a-like Lamplighters League written off as a “big disappointment” and $22m loss by publisher just a week after release
    6. My favourite wireless gaming mouse, Logitech's G305 Lightspeed, is down to $35
    7. This $60 Keychron V3 is a beautiful introduction to mechanical keyboards
    8. Bobby Kotick thinks videogames could use Elon Musk's brain tech, according to reports
    9. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo V2 is a perfect CPU cooler for first PC builds, and it’s on sale for Prime Big Deal Days
    10. How Oxide survived the "nightmare" of making a simultaneous-turn 4X game
    11. Pondering an ultrawide monitor upgrade? Amazon Prime Big Deal Days has them up to £350/$400 off
    12. Amazon Prime Big Deal Days: The best cheap mechanical gaming keyboard just got cheaper
    13. Disney boss urged to buy EA or a company like it, according to reports
    14. Our test PC’s airy NZXT case can be yours, for 22% off, in Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days
    15. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Oct 11)
    16. Minecraft players start "revolution" against Mojang, demanding bigger Minecraft updates
    17. Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days PC gaming deals 2023 - Day 2
    18. Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days graphics card deals 2023 - Day 2
    19. Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Steam Deck accessories deals 2023 - Day 2
    20. Wordle hint and answer #844 (October 11 2023)
    1. This gargantuan 4TB NVMe SSD is on sale for $177
    2. This 34-inch LG ultrawide gaming monitor is just $200 after a wild $250 discount
    3. Grab the fastest gaming SSD RPS has ever tested for its lowest ever price (in the US only!)
    4. Starfield's greatest mystery is a boardgame nobody knows how to play
    5. Dive into ultrawide OLED gaming with $300 off Dell's superb Alienware AW3423DWF 34-inch QD-OLED
    6. Classic Fallout fans might enjoy Space Wreck, which launches out of early access today
    7. Valve bin off Counter-Strike 2's Mac support, offering a CS:GO "legacy version" in return
    8. Treat your Steam Deck to some cheap (but good) thumbstick covers, on sale for Prime Big Deal Days
    9. You can save over $300 on an RTX 4070 gaming laptop in the Prime Big Deal Days sales
    10. The best Steam Deck microSD card is half price for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days
    11. Total War: Pharaoh review: a towering monument to a broken release schedule
    12. Phantom Liberty endings explained
    13. Meta Quest 3 review: Meta’s best VR headset yet, but the jury’s out on mixed reality
    14. The RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 lead Prime Big Deal Days’ graphics card offers
    15. FTL meets Slay The Spire in this Steam Next Fest demo
    16. Amazon Prime Big Deal Days kick off with three of Crucial’s best SSDs going cheap
    17. Wild Card Football, out today, is NFL with Hulk mode, UFOs and giant pinball bumpers
    18. Ask RPS... anything you like (round two)!
    19. Starfield Final Glimpses walkthrough
    20. Diablo 4 and Modern Warfare 3 won't release on Game Pass till next year at the earliest
    21. Counter-Strike 2 Premier Explained
    22. Wordle hint and answer #843 (October 10 2023)
    1. This handsome 32GB DDR5-6000 RAM kit is down to $90 at Newegg
    2. Halo Infinite’s Season 5 brings back Extraction mode and adds two new Arena maps, takes away some of the grind
    3. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum devs were expected to make an ambitious triple-A game on a tenth of the budget, report claims
    4. Say hello and welcome to our new Reviews Editor, Ed Thorn!
    5. Only a month after Starfield’s release, someone has already surveyed every planet in its universe
    6. Frame-rate and resolution discourse is "getting a bit out of hand", says Alan Wake 2 dev
    7. Gentle sim game Shroomchitect is a little bit The Sims, a little bit lofi beats and a whole lotta mushrooms
    8. 12 Steam Next Fest demos to try first this October
    9. Got $90? Want a full-size mechanical keyboard, mouse, mousepad and grip tape from Razer?
    10. Your girlfriend is burying you alive - what are you going to do about it?
    11. Starfield Unearthed walkthrough
    12. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: An infinite city and a lovely froggy
    13. If Anthem is the "anti-BioWare game", then James Ohlen is correcting the balance
    14. CD Projekt staff form union after layoffs - and want everybody in the industry to join
    15. Counter-Strike 2 Ranks Explained
    16. The Talos Principle 2's demo is a "specially tailored" intro to its gorgeous sci-fi puzzles
    17. Starfield In Their Footsteps walkthrough: Meeting The Hunter
    18. Starfield Unity walkthrough
    19. A two-year break made Axis Football 2024 feel crunchy, yet smoother
    20. Wordle hint and answer #842 (October 9 2023)
    1. Play unique alt controller delights at EGX 2023 in London this week
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Wordle hint and answer #841 (October 8 2023)
    1. Redfall's second major patch continues to make its open world more alive with vampires
    2. Commandos: Origins looks to revive the classic stealth-tactics series in 2024
    3. Ghostwire: Tokyo is currently free for Amazon Prime subscribers
    4. What are we all playing this weekend?
    5. Wordle hint and answer #840 (October 7 2023)
    1. Canada's first ever unionised game staff, working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, have all been fired
    2. Call Of The Sea devs' next game has you escaping a deadly reality TV show this November
    3. Pull off sick motorcycle backflips to reload in this gorgeous "motorvania"
    4. Cyberpunk 2077's sequel might not be first-person, according to CDPR
    5. Wolf Among Us dev calls on industry to "UNIONIZE" amid fresh Telltale layoffs
    6. The brilliant planar magnetic HyperX Cloud Orbit S gaming headset is £91 off today
    7. After a rare price drop, Nvidia's RTX 4060 Ti has hit $370 in the US
    8. Why CCP haven't stopped trying to make an EVE Online shooter for 15 years
    9. Tower defence delight Dome Keeper is on sale with a big free update
    10. Robocop: Rogue City demo wants you to come quietly
    11. Reality Bytes: I Expect You To Die 3 is a fun telekinetic-Bond spy caper
    12. Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core takes one of PC's best co-op experiences into a different genre
    13. Best Counter-Strike 2 settings
    14. Going by its trailer, Dredge's The Pale Reach DLC is a blend of new and familiar chills
    15. Wordle hint and answer #839 (October 6 2023)
    1. Foxhole: Naval Warfare takes the massively multiplayer milsim to sea
    2. A live-action project in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 might happen
    3. Silent Hill: Ascension releases on Halloween
    4. Diablo 4's Season 2 update feels like a pre-planned "triumphant comeback" arc
    5. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 33: post-launch second chances ft. Payday 3 and Cyberpunk 2077
    6. The Lamplighters League review: I like you, but after a while you do my head in
    7. Assassin’s Creed Mirage: PC performance and the best settings to use
    8. Starfield No Sudden Moves walkthrough
    9. Counter-Strike 2 console commands
    10. Dinolords is a retro medieval RTS in which the Vikings ride T-Rexes
    11. Cyberpunk 2077 2.01 update hits PC with many progress and crash bug fixes
    12. Assassin's Creed: Mirage PC's day-one update adds Denuvo DRM, but don't worry, it runs the same
    13. Kitfox and Bay 12 share plans for Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode update on Steam
    14. Wordle hint and answer #838 (October 5 2023)
    1. Another Crab's Treasure, the exciting shellfish Soulslike, has a demo out now
    2. I can't believe this 32-inch 4K 144Hz HDMI 2.1 monitor is under $500
    3. Upgrade your Steam Deck with this £80 1TB PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD
    4. Former Dragon Age staff are suing BioWare for "adequate severance"
    5. IO Interactive soon turns 25, so Agent 47 goes clubbing in the newest Hitman Elusive Target mission
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    7. Cancelled shooter Hyenas was reportedly Sega's most expensive game ever
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    10. Strike my rudder, there's an actual Redwall game out this winter - and here's a trailer
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    12. What's better: Quick restarts, or a diegetic HUD?
    13. The Fabulous Fear Machine, out today, is a strategy game of engrossing evil
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    18. The Alters is a fascinating mash-up of survival management and confronting your own multiverse life choices
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    33. Wordle hint and answer #837 (October 4 2023)
    1. Minecraft's 2023 mob vote has its first candidate: the crab
    2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is finally available on Steam
    3. Boomerang X developer Dang! is closing after failing to find funding
    4. Naughty Dog are reportedly the latest developer to cut back on staff
    5. Pick up HYTE's wicked Revolt 3 SFF PC case with 700W 80+ Gold SFX PSU for just $112
    6. This 4TB Lexar NM790 PCIe 4.0 SSD is down to £170.97 with an Ebay 10% off code
    7. Want a low-profile, full-size mechanical keyboard and a big ol' mousepad for £35?
    8. Grab AMD's RX 7900 XTX flagship graphics card for $889 after a $110 discount
    9. Let's compare Modern Warfare 3 2023's MP trailer with Modern Warfare 3 2011's MP trailer
    10. Stumble and dance through a bleak post-Soviet city in this excellent new first-person explorer
    11. Gotham Knights is on Game Pass and who knows, it might surprise you
    12. Starfield's adventures are hidden indoors, not in the stars
    13. Station To Station review: all aboard the prettiest puzzle express, calling at fun junction
    14. Latest Baldur's Gate 3 update fixes the shared stash issue and re-shaves the cat
    15. Here's a Pioneers of Pagonia demo to scratch your Settlers itch
    16. Latest Counter-Strike 2 patch fixes "ring of fire" bugs as players demand weapon bobbing console commands
    17. Wordle hint and answer #836 (October 3 2023)
    1. Sergiy Galyonkin, SteamSpy creator who helped launched the Epic Games Store, has left the Fortnite maker after eight years
    2. Payday 3 devs say its disastrous launch issues have been fixed as the co-op heist shooter passes 3m players
    3. Worms, Blasphemous and Overcooked publisher Team17 is the latest video game company to face job losses
    4. Imsim Core Decay looks polished, but maybe too Deus Sexy for its own good
    5. Good god, someone has finally completed every Final Fantasy 14 achievement - and it only took them 10 years
    6. Earthless is a Homeworld-esque cardgame, and a pretty good time
    7. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Fishing rod violence and horrible udders
    8. In Frostpunk 2, it's not the cold that's your enemy, but human nature
    9. Paradox show off Foundry, a factory game of infinite size
    10. GTA VI will be revealed this week, if you believe the fans
    11. Ion Fury: Aftershock launches today with bike combat, bouncier bullets and remixed enemies
    12. October's RPS Game Club pick is... Starfield!
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