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I can't believe this 32-inch 4K 144Hz HDMI 2.1 monitor is under $500

Gigabyte's Aorus FI32U gets rave reviews too.

The Aorus FI32U monitor shown on a pinky-purple background with its box
Image credit: Aorus

It's rare to see 32-inch 4K 144Hz monitors under $500, but that's exactly what you can get on Amazon US at the moment thanks to a hefty discount on the Aorus FI32U. This HDMI 2.1-capable model suits PC, PS5 and Series X use, uses a Fast IPS panel I've recommended many times before and even comes with some extra features worth knowing about. First, here's the link to the deal:

So: why this model? In short, this is the best high-end monitor spec at the moment, combining a console-friendly 4K output with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate, allowing mid-range PCs to target a 4K output using DLSS or FSR at 60fps or a 1080p 144Hz output in esports titles like Counter-Strike 2 or Fortnite. For those lucky enough to have properly high-end machines - or those that are willing to sacrifice a bit more in terms of settings - can target that full 4K 144Hz output, providing a crisp and detailed image that also feels hugely responsive.

The Fast IPS panel used here is also key. This allows for wide viewing angles and accurate colours, which combined with the high resolution and large size make this a great choice for colour-sensitive work too, like video or image editing. The 'Fast' in the name refers to the monitor's pixel response times, which at 1ms GtG are more akin to a high-end TN panel monitor than a traditional slow IPS model. This ensures fast-paced games look their best, without significant overshoot or undershoot, maximising motion clarity to make it easier to track upcoming corner apexes or enemy players.

I mentioned extra features before so let's run through those now. There are the usual things you'd expect on a mid-range to high-end monitor - FreeSync/G-Sync support, HDMI Forum VRR for consoles and a DisplayHDR 400 certification - but there's also some cool stuff, like an integrated ESS Sabre DAC for higher-grade audio than many motherboards, controllable (ambient) RGB lighting for the rear panel, even an OSD Sidekick app that lets you change the monitor's settings in Windows with a mouse and keyboard. Of course, that's not the end of the feature list either, with black equalisation (brightening dark areas, useful for FPS), Black Frame Insertion (inserting black frames to remove motion blur at the expense of brightness), cutomisable crosshairs and even a KVM that lets you control multiple PCs with one keyboard, mouse and monitor. Gigabyte has always done well to craft useful features, and there are plenty to play with here.

Overall, I wish this deal was available in the UK, as it's great, but if you're in the US then take advantage of your good fortune and take a look at some reviews online. This is a cracker of a deal and well worth picking up!

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