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The Finals open beta is live now with a new map and mode to destroy

Cash grab

Some sort of mallow mascot for The Finals.
Image credit: Embark Studios

Destructible money-grabbing multiplayer shooter The Finals is now available to play in open beta. The beta runs until November 5th and includes three maps, a new mode, and sixteen unlockable rewards that will carry over to the full launch.

Here's a new open beta trailer:

The Finals open beta launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

The three maps include Monaco and Seoul and a new third map, Skyway Stadium, that wasn't available in previous closed betas. Part of The Finals' sales pitch is that its levels are fully destructible, so players can smash their way through walls and ceilings to form their own routes, or flatten buildings entirely to crush those inside.

There's also a new mode not previously featured in a beta. Bank-It is a "casual-friendly, combat-focused mode" in which four teams of three fight over coins. I'm imagining a playground scramble, but more deadly. This is as compared to previously featured The Finals' modes, which were about hacking and transporting cash boxes before other players get there first.

Sometimes you look at a multiplayer shooter and instantly know it's doomed. I don't get that feeling from The Finals. Its destructible levels are a strong hook, but so is its glob-gun that lets you construct new paths through the environment, and the grappling hook that lets you fling yourself up onto rooftops. The shooting was pretty good, too, when I played it earlier this year.

If you want to give it a try, you can head to its Steam store page and join the beta with a press of a button.

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