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The actually decent Alien: Blackout will be delisted soon, so play it while you can

iOS and Android Isolation sequel to be "sunsetted" by November

The Alien walking down a hallway as the player watches through a CCTV camera in Alien: Blackout
Image credit: FoxNext

How about a little something to lower your spirits? FoxNext have announced that they're delisting or, ugh, "sunsetting" 505 Go's Alien: Blackout, the surprisingly solid mobile and tablet horror game you could summarise as Five Nights at Freddy's, if Freddy's were a subsidiary of Weyland-Yutani. You've got until 31st October to play it, after which all development and support for Blackout will cease and the game will no longer be available to buy.

Blackout currently costs about $0.99 or £0.79 on iOS, Android and the Amazon store, and is absolutely worth the pocket change if you have any affection for the Alien universe. It's a sequel to the acclaimed Alien: Isolation, once again starring Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda, but instead of playing hide-and-scream with the Xenomorph yourself, you get to cower in a duct with a CCTV display, switching cameras and remotely opening doors to usher fellow humans to safety.

You aren't beyond reach, mind you. The Alien might occasionally come looking for you, so be sure to cut the power and slam those shutters sharpish if you hear something dribbling. Think of it as a narrative puzzlebox with a splash of acid blood, and some decent cinematic production values - before launch, fans were convinced it would be some kind of shooter.

FoxNext and 505 Go haven't said why they're yanking Blackout, though the official statement says it was a "hard decision". I can't imagine it costs that much to maintain. Anyway, if it's November when you read this and you missed your chance, don't despair entirely. Somebody's recorded a complete Youtube playthrough, and it makes for a reasonably watchable unofficial Alien movie. Look, it's better than Alien: Resurrection, at least.

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