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Among Us’ first new map in over two years brings beaches, mushrooms and toasty marshmallows later this month

Welcome to The Fungle

Among Us' player beans meet around a conch shell in new map The Fungle
Image credit: InnerSloth

Among Us is preparing to drop the first new map for the viral game of tasks ‘n’ traitors in over two years - and there’s a bit of a Mario vibe to its world of strange beaches and mushroom jungles.

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The Fungle plonks players’ treacherous beans onto a planet filled with colourful mushrooms, beaches filled with hermit crabs and killer plants. Between the many, many mushrooms, piranha-plant like flora and beaches, I couldn’t help but think of levels from the Mario series - though I’m not sure the chirpy plumber would last five minutes before being shanked in the back.

The mushrooms are shown bursting out a cloud of purple spores when players run over them, but it’s not quite clear what that’ll mean when playing. Meanwhile, it seems like the plants will gobble you up when you stand on them, with arrows that imply they might function similarly to the ship’s vents in allowing imposters to travel around the map.

A bean-shaped marshmallow is toasted on a stick over a campfire in a new task from Among Us map The Fungle
Image credit: InnerSloth

Elsewhere, there are new tasks to complete - the trailer shows what looks like a player preparing sushi-style dishes in a kitchen and a first-person view of a bean-shaped marshmallow being toasted on a campfire - and ways to sabotage the group’s attempts to restore communications and be rescued from the island.

There’ll be some new cosmetics (including fungi-inspired hats for VR players in a separate patch), ejection animations and other visuals inspired by the castaway setting, with emergency meetings being called by a bean blowing into a conch shell, which is a fun touch.

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InnerSloth says the update will be the biggest community addition since Among Us’ last map, The Airship, was introduced more than two years ago in 2021.

The Fungle will land in Among Us at 10am PT on October 24th and it’ll be free for all.

It continues a busy year for the immensely popular multiplayer game, which has an animated series in the works and had been considering moving away from Unity in the wake of the engine maker’s messy bed-pooping last month - whether that’ll still happen given subsequent changes to the plan after widespread outcry isn’t clear.

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