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Best Among Us mods

Including new roles to make your guessing game even harder

Among Us made a hit out of some very basic minigames and complex social interaction. Surviving against the Imposters as they stab and lie their way through a game might rely more on the players than on the game, but you can craft a more complex base game with a few mod additions - the best of which we've rounded up right here. While you can’t mod your friends, you can mod the game, building on the anxiety-ridden camaraderie crusher by adding new roles and new modes to the basic format. Below, you’ll find out how to fall in love or enact the rule of law (by killing) with our guide to the best Among Us mods.

Best Among Us Mods

Our list of best Among Us mods has everything you could possibly want to help give your favourite multiplayer game a fresh lick of paint, from new roles and different types of game rules to better tools for sneaking and stabbing people in the back. You can either click the links below to go straight to the mod in question, or you can just carry on reading the whole thing. We also tell you how to actually go about modding Among Us with our step-by-step guide below.

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How to mod Among Us

Modding Among Us can be a bit of a fiddly process. Most servers will require you to have the same mods installed as everyone else, though some custom servers don’t. Modding is really for people who have a set group of players they like to play with, or a specific style of game to play, though you can join a server and play with their rules.

Thankfully, adding mods is much easier. Simply download ModManager from Github and point the program at your Among Us install folder. It comes prebaked with a few mods (some you’ll see down below), and you can add new mods and any dependencies via the Local Add button. With it, you can easily enable and disable installed mods, and create groups of mods that’ll launch together. You can even share a code among friends that’ll ensure you have the same mods activated if you’re using the pre-installed mods. That’s super handy.

Playing with friends? Want to voice chat while still keeping things sneaky? Better Crewlink is for you. Using it instead of Discord will mean voice chat is limited to other players nearby. Spatial chat means you can commit a murder in Reactor in front of someone and the players in Storage won’t hear the frightened screams of the witness.

It adds a lot to the game. You can change the radius of voice chat, keeping things roughly room-sized. A few neat tweaks mean you can toggle noise coming from inside vents, and if an Imposter attacks the communications station in game the chat will be disabled.

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Download Crewlink

Sheriff Role by Woodi_dev

New roles bring a new dimension to the game. The Sheriff Role mod's role is basically that of a regular player, but they have the chance to kill one other player in the game. They’re also hidden like Imposters, though that can be toggled. If they succeed, they’ll rid the game of an Imposter; but if they shoot an innocent player, then both the target and the player will die.

It’s a powerful tool. Death is usually democratic in Among Us, but the Sheriff has a singular power amidst the scared crew. It’s tough to have that power, because failing in your duties could unbalance the whole game a whole lot more than a simple vote ever does.

The title screen for the Sheriff Among Us mod
Download Sheriff Role

Love Couple by Woodi_dev

Another role that redefines the game for everyone is Love Couple. It teams a random couple up in the game, with the goal of both being alive at the end of the round.

It’s a very interesting addition. Explicit trust is rare in the game, so having someone you know can only succeed if you’re alive, and vice versa, creates a dynamic that shifts the game from all-out suspicion to protection. You hang onto that guarantee like a comfort blanket, even when the other person could be revealed as an Imposter. The only goal is to win, so you might as well go with their cruel intentions.

A red space bean finds love with a brown space bean in the Love Couple Among Us mod
Download Love Couple

Town of Us by slushiegoose

Town of Us is a huge modpack that adds a heap of new roles into the game. Each is a game-changing modification to the base game that delivers some excellent twists into the accuse'athon. I’ll only list a few, as there are 28 in all.

In crew roles, the Mayor has the power of many votes per round, though not unlimited. They have a bank of votes that they can add to during accusations by abstaining during that round - a power that builds during the game, unless they’re cleverly killed by a smart imposter. The Engineer, meanwhile, can fix the ship from anywhere in the map, and they can also travel in vents. That means you can’t use venting as a 100% guarantee that a player is a killer. The Investigator, on the other hand, has an additional power of being able to track footprints of other crewmates. A powerful tool, but one that can make you look suspicious to innocent people being tracked.

Artwork showing lots of different characters for the Town Among Us mod

The mod also adds a Neutral group among the potential roles. The Jester wins if they’re voted out during the game, which is hilarious to me. I had to keep pretending to vent and was just following people everywhere.

The Imposter roles are varied. The Janitor will be able to clean up any bodies left behind, though it’s on a cooldown that’s paired with killing, so you have to time the murder precisely. Morphling can change colour, which means they can set up perfectly innocent players. It’s balanced with a time limit and the ability to vent travel being blocked.

There’s probably something for anyone a bit bored by the base game. It’s currently in a strange place development-wise — a new version will be released on Steam for free, and at, but for now you can grab the most recent version below.

Download Town of Us

Skeld by Skeldteam

This is a slightly different proposition. Skeld isn’t a mod, but a server with a collection of new game modes to play on. You need to download a launcher that will add a new server selection to your game, and give you access to the new modes.

You’re beholden to what game modes are being played at the time, but you could end up in Zombies, a mode that starts with one zombie among a group of crewmates. The crew must finish their tasks to success, while the zombie passes among them, infecting everyone. Cops & Robbers, meanwhile, adds active policing to the game. The cops must foil the robbers and send them to jail, whereas the robbers are looking to release their fellow thieves. Clones is simple: everyone looks the same and has the same name. That’s a tough one to play.

A bunch of blue characters dressed in police uniforms hang out in the cafeteria in the Skeld Among Us mod

With Skeld installed, you can select the servers on the bottom right of the menu screen, letting you swap from the usual areas to Skeld, and back again. You’ll find the live servers under the ‘public’ tab. You might as well have it installed, as all it does is let you access more servers without altering the base game. You also don’t need to worry about using a mod manager. Just run the installer.

Download Skeld

Haunted Mansion by DiceFlipyt

A huuuuge custom map with the perfect setting for a murder mystery: a Haunted Mansion.

This is very different from the official maps: the mansion has a courtyard that’s large enough to hide bodies in simply by its volume. There are 19 rooms in all, meaning a killer has plenty of scope to murder while it takes a whole lot of deduction on the crew’s part to solve. It’s a great map that’ll test everyone to the limit of their abilities.

Though there’s a link below, it’s better to install this directly via the mod manager’s interface.

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Download Haunted Mansion

Cursed Mod by Devs Us

Save the cursed till last, as they say. The goal of Cursed Mod is to take the base game and warp it in cruel and unusual ways. You might need to take some time off work to play this.

I’m not joking. The communications task, that takes a few excruciating seconds in the original game, takes over 6 days in Cursed Mod. Scanning yourself in Med to prove yourself spits out a huge string of text. The wire colour matching game adds dozens more colours to the task, bringing it closer to 100 rather than the usual five. You have to wire them all up together.

It’s a good mod to play with friends, who’ll enjoy the endless misery that it brings to the game.

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Download Cursed Mod

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