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Tunic's Piano Sketches is my new favourite forever soundtrack

You heard it here first

The cover artwork for the Tunic Piano Sketches album, showing a fox playing a tiny piano on a green background
Image credit: Lifeformed/Janice Kwan/Finji

At the beginning of September, the soundtrack for Tunic disappeared from streaming services. The composers, Lifeformed and Janice Kwan, said they'd received several false DMCA takedown notices for their work, which had resulted in the removal of both Tunic's soundtrack from numerous platforms, as well as three more of their albums. For a while, things looked very uncertain about the likelihood of their soundtracks returning. Left without much recourse against their distributor, the composers eventually filed a counterclaim to try and better protect their work and get them back online. Thankfully, they were successful, and all four soundtracks are back where they belong.

It's been a messy saga about that's highlighted several issues about how DMCA claims can be manipulated like this, and they're not the only ones it's happened to recently, either. Fortunately for the Tunic duo at least, the situation's since been resolved and their soundtracks are now back where they belong - and to celebrate, they've released a whole new set of Tunic tracks that they describe as "initial piano concepts" for some of its major themes. And hey. You know me. I love a good piano collection of a video game soundtrack, so it is probably no surprise whatsoever that I've more or less had this on repeat for the last month. It's so, so, so good.

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