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Final Fantasy XIV will get even harder achievements, if the player who already earned all 2,700 of them asks for it

“Just drop us a message on the forums"

Final Fantasy XIV’s achievements are no joke, as proved by the 10 years it took the first player to earn every achievement in the MMO. But director and producer Naoki Yoshida is up for making even more difficult achievements, if the achievement-hunting pro is game for the challenge.

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“First and foremost, I want to just say, wow, big congratulations,” Yoshida said to the anonymous Japanese player during a press conference at last weekend’s Final Fantasy Fan Festival in London. “To see that player just stick with it - just pressing on - as a creator of an MMO, that's a really fantastic thing to see.”

The lalafell player completed their quest to accomplish all 2,751 achievements in August, finishing a decade-long undertaking that included winning thousands of PVP battles, catching every fish, completing 10,000 hunts, clearing every treasure dungeon at least 20 times and completing every levequest - something estimated to take at least seven years of real time due to the daily limit on how many of the repeatable side quests you can turn in.

Needless to say, it’s not like Final Fantasy XIV’s achievements were a walk in the park to begin with. But Yoshi-P promised that the game’s developers would think up even more hardcore challenges if the player who has already overcome every challenge set to date is looking for a tougher task.

A group of players Ocean Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Square Enix

“Of course, we will continue to make achievements in the game,” he said. “But whether we create an achievement which would be a higher difficulty, that all boils down to this certain player.

“If they are requesting it, then of course, we'd be happy to do it. In that case, just drop us a message on the forums. If you do send us the message, I trust you. We will keep our promise.”

Either way, players won’t have to wait that long for some new achievements to pursue, with XIV currently seeing a series of new dungeons and quests added in the run-up to next summer’s Dawntrail expansion. Yoshi-P and the team already have plans for the next two big expansions after that, too.

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