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Final Fantasy 14's Dawntrail benchmarking tool has players happy with its new playable catmoms

Teeth remain an issue for some

Female Hrothgar characters in Final Fantasy 14's Dawntrail expansion
Image credit: Square Enix

As MMORPG Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Dawntrail expansion gets ever closer, Squeenix have released a benchmarking tool that lets you see how your rig might handle its graphical update. Not only that, but it also lets you sample the new female Hrothgar playable race. So far, folks seem to be happy with the tool and the catmoms.

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With Dawntrail set to launch on July 2nd, Squeenix's benchmark tool lets you see how your PC will get on with said dawns and trails. Once you've got it downloaded, it'll essentially take you through a trailer showcasing some of its new South American-inspired environments. Lovely palm trees, splashes of colour, some bits showing off the new Viper (dual-wielding blade person) and Pictomancer (ranged magic person) Jobs. You can see the trailer for yourself, which I've embedded above.

The tool also contains a character creator, which lets you see some of the improvements the devs have made to the little details, like beards and lips and eyes. Some seem really happy with the change, in particular darker skin tones getting some much needed tuning. Most seem pleased with the female Hrothgar's design. Others aren't so keen on fangs being removed for female Keepers Of The Moon Miqo'te. Teeth are a contentious topic.

Elsewhere, in a frankly enormous 7-hour "Live Letter" stream, Final Fantasy 14 head honcho Yoshi-P announced additional changes to blacklisting. You can filter out specific terms, expel folks from your estate, and up to 200-players can be added to a list of folks you'd rather not interact with.

If you're keen on getting into Dawntrail when it arrives, you'd best get on the game's story now. There won't be a free way to skip its story soon.

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