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Good god, someone has finally completed every Final Fantasy 14 achievement - and it only took them 10 years

Just in time for more to be added

In an accomplishment that truly makes my head and mouse-clicking finger hurt thinking about the sheer time and effort required, someone has become the first Final Fantasy 14 player to complete every single one of the MMO’s more than 2,700 achievements.

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The player on Japan’s Garuda server spotted by the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit (and confirmed by achievement-tracking sites Lalachievements and FFXIVcollect) scooped their final remaining in-game achievement on August 27th, bringing their grand total to 2,751 achievements. Somewhat hilariously, the last achievement they had left was The Man, the Myth, the Legend, a fairly easy level-50 quest completion trophy added in this spring's patch 6.48 that requires the player to simply speak with a few characters in Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah. (Thanks, GamesRadar.)

To put into perspective just how wild this player’s many, many achievements are, obtaining every achievement in FF14 requires completing all five ultimate raids and all three Deep Dungeons solo, as well as finishing every Extreme trial and Savage raid as a Blue Mage.

A JP player has become the first player to complete 100% of currently obtainable achievements in the game
byu/PrismaticParrot inffxiv

That’s tricky enough from a challenge perspective, but it’s the time investment required for some of these achievements that’s truly staggering. Among those 2,700-plus achievements is the need to win at least 3,000 games in PVP mode Frontline and 5,000 victories in Crystalline Conflict or The Feast. That’s victories, not just played games - and you’re also relying on random strangers in many cases.

You’ll also need to complete every levequest, the repeatable side quests that characters can take on for extra experience and gil. While the quests themselves are fairly simple, players are limited to accepting three levequests every 12 hours, which - as maths’d out by redditor PrismaticParrot - means that it would take you at least seven years to finish every single quest at least once, playing almost non-stop.

Given that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been out for just over 10 years as of this August, that arguably makes the achievement-hunting Warrior of Light’s feat actually surprisingly speedy all things considered.

Other things that the committed Lalafell player has achieved include catching every fish, defeating 5,000 S-rank and 10,000 A-rank hunting marks, clearing every treasure dungeon at least 20 times - including one infamously hard dungeon believed to take 2,000 treasure map items to do - obtaining every relic weapon, and picking up 20,000 accursed hoards from Deep Dungeons.

Any one of these achievements might be something that takes dozens or hundreds of hours to do; the fact that one person has managed to do them all is genuinely staggering.

Although, in a somewhat funny twist, they don’t quite have 100% completion of absolutely everything in Final Fantasy 14, as it seems they’re missing two of the mounts obtained from Extreme-difficulty trials. Amateur.

A group of players Ocean Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Square Enix

Unsurprisingly, the player has been playing A Realm Reborn since it first came out, steadily completing achievements for the last decade. It looks like they have no plans to take a break after their momentous achievement run either, as they’ve continued to play regularly since becoming the first FF14 player to complete the milestone.

They might have some new achievements to chase soon, too, as Final Fantasy 14’s next big patch, 6.5, arrives tomorrow with a new dungeon, trial, raid and more, with upcoming expansion Dawntrail due out next summer.

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