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Minecraft’s new Star Wars DLC will let you build a blocky lightsaber and make a droid friend next month

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A blocky Ahsoka holds her lightsaber in Minecraft's Star Wars DLC Path of the Jedi
Image credit: Mojang/Lucasfilm

Minecraft is getting a new bit of Star Wars DLC filled with a bunch of familiar faces from the galaxy far, far away in blocky, Minecraftified form. You’ll also be able to make your own lightsaber and droid companion to take on your adventures as a Jedi padawan.

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The Path of the Jedi DLC is set during the Clone Wars seen in the prequel movies and animated series of the same name, with a brief trailer showing the likes of Mace Windu, young Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano (of recent Disney+ series fame) and, yes, Yoda. On the Dark side, everyone’s favourite multi-limbed robot General Grievous makes an appearance wielding several bricky lightsabers.

Unlike the last Star Wars Minecraft DLC pack, which was basically a bunch of skins and locations from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian to poke around, Path of the Jedi will be explicitly story-driven, as the player’s Jedi Knight-in-training travels around the galaxy to planets such as Coruscant and Kamino to complete various missions. (I’m a big fan of the cube-shaped planets shown in the teaser, it’s a sweet touch.)

You’ll be able to take a customisable droid companion with you on your travels, as well as customising your own lightsaber to swing around and go vvvmmmmm. The DLC’s description teases battles with creatures and members of the Dark side, with the trailer showing a player character using Force powers to chuck around battle droids before teasing an anonymous figure wielding two red lightsabers - hinting at an appearance from Clone Wars baddie Asajj Ventress, perhaps?

The player character kneels as Jedi point their lightsabers to the flood in Minecraft's Star Wars DLC Path of the Jedi
Image credit: Mojang/Lucasfilm

We’ll find out when Path of the Jedi arrives on November 7th. We don’t have a price yet, but we do know you’ll need the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to play. Until December 7th you’ll be able to grab a free R2-D2 T-shirt from the Dressing Room, too.

The Star Wars DLC was revealed as part of Mojang’s annual Minecraft Live event, which also detailed what we’ll see in Minecraft 1.21 - an update focused on “combat and tinkering” thanks to the addition of the maze-like Trial Chamber, auto-crafting crafter blocks and a new mob, the Breeze, to deal with.

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